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Yana Lapikova – Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer

Yana Lapikova

Yana Lapikova – Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer

In 2011 Yana Lapikova became Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer. She is a very beautiful girl, who was dreaming of becoming a photographer.
Yana is a member of the pro-Kremlin youth organization Young Russia, as well as ex–model. In 2008, 23-year-old Lapikova participated in the Miss Moscow contest. She previously worked for a Russian news agency.
Her first photos were taken during Putin’s stay in Volga District.
Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the girl was employed because of her high professional qualities. According to Peskov they could not find a suitable employee for a long time because the salary was much lower than in international photo agencies.

“It’s not the sex of photographers, but the professionalism that matters for us. And Yana is a really good photographer. Yes, she was a model in her past, but it isn’t a crime”, said Peskov.
“Modeling past and my participation in the contest were big mistakes”, said Lapikova.
Lapikova studied at the Russian State University of Trade and Economics and at the School of Journalism and Public Relations.
She loves reportage photography, leads a healthy lifestyle, likes dancing, swimming and drinking coffee in the mornings.
Lapikova works with two experienced professional photographers Alexei Druzhinin and Alexei Nikolsky.

Putin in Barabash

Vladimir Putin in Barabash in eastern Siberia, the habitat of endangered Siberian tigers

Dmitry Medvedev also appointed glamorous woman – personal photographer to his team.
Katya Shtukina is a former photographer of Izvestia newspaper. She is a beautiful woman and a real professional. For several years she worked as a press photographer in the “Kremlin Pool”. She is the daughter of Yuri Shtukin, winner of 2000 World Press Photo award.

Katya Shtukina

Dmitry Medvedev’s personal photographer Katya Shtukina

Just jokes
Yana demonstrates that her number is 19, but she would become a photographer number one!

Yana Lapikova Miss Moscow 2008

Beautiful Yana Lapikova

Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer Lapikova advertises Canon camera.
You know, Lapikova sings her photos as Lapochkina Yana.
Yana’s photo album on Yandex

Yana Lapikova – Vladimir Putin’s personal photographer

Yana Lapikova Putin's photographer

Black cat. photo by Yana Lapikova

Yana Lapikova Putin's photographer

Amazing photo by Yana Lapikova

Yana Lapikova Putin's photographer

Interesting photo by Lapikova

Yana Lapikova photographer

Astonishing Yana

Yana Lapikova

Awesome Yana