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Vladimir Monomakh – Grand Prince of Kiev

vladimir monomakh

Ivan Bilibin. Saint Prince Vladimir. 1926

Vladimir Monomakh was Prince of Smolensk (1073-1078), Prince of Chernigov (1078-1094), Prince of Pereyaslav (1094-1113), Grand Prince of Kiev (1113-1125), statesman, military leader, and writer. He was a son of Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich. His mother allegedly was the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomakh.
Vladimir was born in 1053. His childhood and youth he spent in Pereyaslavl. He was a leader of his father’s army and fought against the Cumans.
Vladimir Monomakh died on May 19, 1125. He is buried in the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev.

Marriages and children
Vladimir was married three times. Some sources cite his first wife as Gytha of Wessex, illegitimate daughter of King Harold II of England. She was the only Englishwoman at the Russian court.
Mstislav I of Kiev (1 June 1076 – 14 April 1132).
Izyaslav Vladimirovich, Prince of Kursk (1077 – 6 September 1096).
Svyatoslav Vladimirovich, Prince of Smolensk and Pereyaslav (1080 – 16 March 1114).
Yaropolk II of Kiev (1082 – 18 February 1139).
Viacheslav I of Kiev (1083 – 2 February 1154).
Maria Vladimirovna (d. 1146). Married Leon Diogenes. A pretender to the throne of the Byzantine Empire, claiming to be a son of Romanos IV.

Gytha Wessex

Gytha of Wessex

The second wife is considered to have been a Byzantine noblewoman. The Primary Chronicle records her date of death on 7 May 1107; however, it does not mention her name.
They had at least five children:
Roman Volodymyrovych, Prince of Volhynia (d. 6 January 1119).
Eufemia of Kiev (d. 4 April 1139). Married Coloman of Hungary.
Agafia Vladimirovna. Married Vsevolod Davidovich, Prince of Gorodno. Her husband was a son of Davyd Igorevych, Prince of Volhynia (d. 1113).
Yuri Dolgoruki (d. 15 May 1157).
Andriy Volodymyrovych, Prince of Volhynia (11 July 1102 – 1141).

His third marriage is thought to have been to a daughter of Aepa Ocenevich, Khan of the Cumans.

volodimir monomakh

K. Miroschnik and N. Kurguzova-Miroschnik. Volodimir Monomakh

Vladimir Monomakh – Grand Prince of Kiev