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Unbroken faith. Paralyzed girl stood up on her feet to win at Cannes

Vera Kraschuk

Vera Kraschuk on the stage

Unbroken faith. Paralyzed girl stood up on her feet to win at Cannes (Vera means faith).

This story is like a fairy tale.
When 11 years ago Vera was born, it became clear that there was something wrong with the baby. Later it was found out that little girl suffered from cerebral palsy. Both parents love Vera very much. They treated her, tried to help, in general, lived like all families who have a child with a disability.
But then everything changed.
Marisol Galysh, author of the idea, script writer and producer, looked for the heroes of the film for the Child of the Universe competition. This is the film and documentary competition dedicated to children with disabilities. Anastasia Kuzminich advised Marisol to contact the public organization Children – Angels (community of special children’s parents), where little Vera was recommended.

The film Broken Doll is about the girl, sitting in a wheelchair and walking only with the help of her mother, who wants to dance on the big stage. And her dream comes true. This is a story about how adults overcome their fear and internal stereotypes can do the impossible things for the child.
And Vera acted! Choreographer Vladimir Lopaev, from the dance studio Steps, said: “Even if Vera could move only her toes, it would be a dance. The dance is the state of the soul.”
To perform in this film Vera and her parents had to travel to Irkutsk three times a week to rehearse. Vera did her best.
And finally, Vera was on the stage! Standing ovation!
This awesome film lasts only 26 minutes. Looking at this brave little girl, you understand that all your problems (tired at work, no time, no money) are nothing compared to Vera and her parents’ problems. They were able to make the child happy. This film gives hope that even the wildest dreams come true and every goal is achievable.
Vera became Hero of the Festival at the Cannes Film Festival. For the victory Vera made first steps in her life. By the way, this nomination was specially for Vera. Cute girl was awarded the round-shaped cup.
Now Vera moves around the house with the support of adults without a wheelchair, and even in the street she tries to walk by herself.
The girl is dreaming about the solo dance. Good luck Vera!!!

Unbroken faith. Paralyzed girl stood up on her feet to win at Cannes