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Top Model winner – Maria Lesovaya

Maria Lesovaya

Maria Lesovaya – Top Model Russian-style winner

Maria Lesovaya (born in 1990) is a model, blogger and food expert, who until 2010 was a simple student of the Faculty of Psychology from Ekaterinburg. At the age of 21, she took part in the TV project Top Model in Russian (or Top Model Russian-style, first season) on Muz TV channel – the adaptation of American show Top Model American-style (America’s Next Top Model). 17 beautiful Russian girls competed for a few months to be called the first top model in Russia. But the jury chose the only one… Short-haired blonde in torn sneakers, “pretty darling girl” with bruises on her legs was the first. Pretty girl proved that the secret of success is in individuality and purposefulness.
Masha’s parents have nothing to do with the fashion industry. Nevertheless, they always supported their daughter in all undertakings and watched Top Model in Russian.

Now Maria is married to the artist Pavel Almazov, who appeared in her life in one of the most difficult moments, and still supports her in everything.
At the age of 18 Lesovaya was already the director of the modeling agency. In the interview, she said that after a painful parting with her boyfriend there was a problem with finding of a new flat. So, the girl decided to take part in the TV project. To tell the truth, she did not take anything with her and Masha’s friend gave her a swimsuit, shoes, a dress. In fact, Lesovaya have neither a portfolio nor any special talents: Maria could not sing, dance, or play any musical instruments. Thanks to sincerity and simplicity, the girl was taken to the show.
Ksenia Sobchak was the presenter of the project and well-known photographers, models and fashion designers were members of the jury.
The victory in the show was a great event in the biography of Maria. As a prize, she signed a contract with the modeling agency Wilhelmina Models, an agreement on annual cooperation with MaxFactor, and received a photo session for the New York Cosmopolitan. In addition, she began to participate in fashion shows, photo sessions and collaborate with well-known magazines and designers. Even during the show, Russian model, Maria Lesovaya became known in New York. Immediately after the end of the project, she was invited to work abroad, but Maria decided to stay at home.

Top Model winner – Maria Lesovaya