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Svetlana Maniovich, known socialite

Svetlana Maniovich, known socialite

Svetlana Maniovich, known socialite

Svetlana Maniovich (nee Zakharova) is a known Russian socialite, ex-wife of Mikhail Maniovich, a businesswoman with an Israeli passport.
According to the Tatler magazine she is one of the most powerful blondes in Russia.
Svetlana graduated from the International Academy of Economics and Finance. She lived in two cities: Moscow and Tel Aviv.
In the early 1990s, she became the treasurer of the printing company H.G.S. Working there Svetlana met Mikhail Maniovich (who had left the Soviet Union in his childhood and lived in Israel). In 1994 they got married. Pretty Svetlana was 22 and Mikhail was sixteen years older.
Soon the girl realized that her work was not very interesting, she wanted to have her own business and chose fashion boutiques. By the way, Svetlana’s friend Anton Malevsky (who died in 2001, jumped with a parachute) helped her to open the first boutique in the hotel Metropol in Moscow. Fashion clothes were exactly what Svetlana was really interested in. In her boutiques there were collections of famous designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Blumarine, Versace and Roberto Cavalli.

Svetlana met Timur Ivanov in Prado cafe. Timur arranged for her romantic trips to the most beautiful cities of Italy, presented with baskets of flowers. As a result, Svetlana left her husband. However, Mikhail did not want to let her go and did everything possible and impossible: he began to exercise, lost 40 kilos.
In an attempt to keep the family (they have two children) Svetlana returned to Maniovich and lived with him for seven months. During that time, Timur turned gray, and she realized that the old relations with her husband were in the past. And finally Svetlana went to Ivanov. In 2010, she married Timur and later gave birth to their daughter Daria.
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Svetlana Maniovich, known socialite

maniovich children

Wonderful Svetlana and her children

maniovich husband

Majestic Svetlana and her ex-husband Mikhail Maniovich

maniovich ivanov

Shiny Svetlana Maniovich and her husband Timur Ivanov

Maniovich Svetlana Russian socialite

Known socialite and businesswoman

Svetlana Maniovich, known socialite

Fabulous Svetlana

Svetlana Maniovich, known socialite

Incredible Svetlana