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Sergei Zhigunov – Russian actor

Sergei Zhigunov

Sergei Zhigunov – Russian actor

Sergei Zhigunov is a Russian film and theater actor, producer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1995), President of the Russian Film Actors Guild. He has played a lot of bright roles.
Sergei was born on January 2, 1963 in Rostov -on-Don. His parents were actors. Zhigunov was a very energetic and creative child. Because of various pranks the boy was twice expelled from music school and was even expelled from secondary school.
Sergei played small roles in his mother’s plays. He was Cheburashka, the young New Year, jackal Tobacco, and many other characters. But Sergei wasn’t going to become an actor. Everything changed when the boy saw Nikolai Karachentsov on the stage. The famous Soviet actor made the greatest impression on the young boy.

After school Sergei went to Moscow and entered the Shchukin Drama School but didn’t finish it. He starred in movies, wrote poetry, composed music and didn’t attend classes. That’s why he was expelled. Sergei went back to Rostov- on-Don, where he played various roles in the local Youth Theatre. However, a year later the guy came back to Moscow and eventually graduated from the Theater School in 1986.
The first major work for the young actor was the film “Two Hussars” with Alexander Abdulov in the title role.
One single role changed everything in Zhigunov’s life. It was the role of a brave and courageous Alexander Belov in the miniseries “Midshipmen ahead” (Gardemariny Vperyod), which brought him Union glory.
Since then Zhigunov began to appear in various Soviet and Russian films. He played title roles in “The Witches Cave”, “Hearts of Three”, “The Princess and the Bean” as well as in the new part of the famous franchise “Vivat, Naval Cadets!”.
zhigunov sergei russian actor
At some point Sergei decided to try himself as a producer. Throughout his career, the actor has produced about thirty different films and television series.
Among them the most famous projects are Once in Rostov, What did the dead say, Countess de Monsoreau.
TV series My Fair Nanny where Sergei starred with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was the most successful.
In 2014, Zhigunov starred in fantastic comedy “The Mystery of the princesses”.
sergei zhigunov russian actor
Personal life
Vera and Sergei met on the set of the film Chance in 1984. Zhigunov was 20 years old, and his beloved Novikova was five years older. Sergei admitted that it was love at first sight. Novikova was married and had a little daughter. Courtship lasted for two years, maybe it was true love.

zhigunov family

Sergei, his wife Vera Novikova and children

The couple divorced in 2007 because of Zhigunov’s love affair with his “Fairy Nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

zhigunov zavorotnyuk

Sergei and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

In October 2009, Sergei re-married the main love of his life – actress Vera Novikova.
His daughter Maria Zhigunova (born on September 5, 1990) starred in Stripped and Vovochka.
Sergei adopted Anastasia (born in 1980), Vera Novikova’s daughter from a previous marriage.

zhigunov novikova

Sergei and his wife Vera Novikova

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