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Russian painter Roman Lyapin

Russian painter Roman Lyapin

Russian painter Roman Lyapin

Russian painter Roman Lyapin is a multiple winner of regular competitions of Tuscany and Lazio. In 1996 he was a Grand Prix winner at the contest Nature Landscape in Altipiane d’Arcinazzo. By the way, he is primarily a landscape painter. Roman began his career in Leningrad. From the beginning of the 1990s the artist lived and taught in Italy for more than ten years.
It was in Rome, the cradle of the arts, where he became a unique original master of the Leningrad and Roman (Accademia di Belle Art di Roma) schools.
His works are full of the spirit of deep inner unity – expressive, light and energetic paintings.

The main protagonist on the panoramic, monumental works is nature in the synthesis of the architecture of the majestic metropolis.
The image of the ancient city in the landscapes of the painter was born under the influence of stylistic, innovative trends of the Western art industry.
The ability to combine modern life of the city and its historical past, to reveal an abstract component, pass every minute state of the environment, its romantic beginning is an important, fascinating aspect of all canvases.
The paintings of the artist are in private collections in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Taiwan, Japan, America, Canada and other countries.
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Break in the clouds

Break in the clouds. Awesome picture by Lyapin Roman

Bridge of visits

Bridge of visits. Outstanding picture by Lyapin Roman

Russian painter Roman Lyapin

Evening in San Severino Marche Roman Lyapin

Evening in San Severino Marche

Ferrara Roman Lyapin


Late evening in Venice Roman Lyapin

Late evening in Venice

Night lights Roman Lyapin

Night lights

November Saint-Petersburg Roman Lyapin

November. Saint-Petersburg

Panorama Roman Lyapin


Saint-Petersburg Roman Lyapin


series Horizons Roman Lyapin

series Horizons

Skylight above the horizon Roman Lyapin

Skylight above the horizon

Street view Roman Lyapin

Street view

Tramonte d'oro Roman Lyapin

Tramonte d’oro

Venice landscape Roman Lyapin

Venice landscape

White city Roman Lyapin

White city

Windfall Roman Lyapin


Winter fairy tale Roman Lyapin

Winter fairy tale