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Russian painter Pimen Orlov

Pimen Orlov Self-portrait

Pimen Orlov. Self-portrait, 1851

Pimen Orlov was a Russian artist, painter, portraitist, master of genre scenes. He was born in 1812 in Voronezh Province, Russian Empire in a very poor family. Pimen was the son of a miller. Since early childhood the boy was fond of drawing. Parents, however, wanted their son to continue the family business. The peasant family could not pay for his education. But Pimen decided to devote his life to fine arts. As a teenager, he left his home and traveled around the country painting portraits of local landlords, decorating rooms and sometimes even painting roofs and floors. Pimen earned some money and in 1834 he entered the Imperial Academy of Arts. Outstanding Russian artist Karl Bryullov became his mentor. In the middle of the XIX century Bryullov was one of the most famous Russian portraitists and his paintings were highly valued.

Orlov went to Italy in 1841. During the time spent abroad the artist created a lot of wonderful pictures. Critics spoke warmly about his work. Part of his paintings Pimen sent to Russia.
In 1849, he was ordered to return to Russia, but the artist managed to convince the government to let him stay in Italy.
In 1857 Orlov received the title of academician of portrait painting.
The painter had never returned to Russia. He died in Rome in 1865.

Portrait of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

Portrait of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

girl with a fan

Portrait of a girl with a fan, 1859

Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna

Portrait of Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna

Grand Prince Mikhail of Tver

Farewell to Grand Prince Mikhail of Tver, 1847. Tver Regional Art Gallery

Ivan Balashov

Ivan Balashov

Maria Arkadyevna Beck

Portrait of Maria Arkadyevna Beck, 1839. The State Tretyakov Gallery

Neapolitan Girl

Neapolitan Girl, 1839

October holiday in Rome

October holiday in Rome, 1851. The State Tretyakov Gallery

Portrait of sisters

Portrait of sisters: writer Salias de Tournemire, artist Sophia Vasilevna Sukhovo-Kobylina and Evdokia Vasilevna Petrovo-Solovovo, 1847. The State Tretyakov Gallery

Scene of the Roman carnival

Scene of the Roman carnival, 1859. State Russian Museum

Sologub Sophia Mikhailovna

Sologub Sophia Mikhailovna

Portrait of an Unknown woman in Russian court dress

Portrait of an Unknown woman in Russian court dress, 1835. The Hermitage

Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape, 1850. Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum of Joseph Bokshay