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Pavel Volya – Stand-up Comic

Pavel Volya - Stand-up Comic

Pavel Volya – Stand-up Comic

Pavel Volya, also known as resident Comedy Club Pavel “Snowball” Volya, is a Russian entertainer, TV presenter, actor, singer, DJ.
Denis Dobrovolskiy (his real name) was born on March 14, 1979 in Penza. In 2001, he graduated from the Penza Pedagogical Institute (specialty – teacher of Russian language and literature). Immediately after graduation he went to Moscow.
Pavel took part in KVN in the team Valeon Dasson (Penza), together with Timur Rodriguez and Leonid Shkolnik. However, he became famous as a member of the Russian TV project Comedy Club.
Volya is a former presenter of TV projects on TNT channel – Killing League and Laughter Without Rules, Comedy Battle. Also he is a young rapper, who released albums Respect and Uvazhuha and Miracles Happen.
Pavel makes fun of personal life and work of actors, singers and athletes who came to the show Comedy Club, where he has the unofficial nickname “glamorous scum”. It’s worth noting that Pavel doesn’t criticize politicians.

Since 2010 Pavel has been playing live-DJ sets with drummer Tim Ivanov, making a show for DJ-largest events, including Kazantip, Winston Freedom Music, Sochi Winter Music Conference-2011. You know, he produces tracks and music videos under the pseudonym Nopasspost. In February 2016, Pavel released a new studio album Thoughts and Music.
What is more, Pavel is an actor. His first role was in the youth series Club in 2006. And in 2008 he played the role of Tim Milan in the film The Best Film. In the same year, the film Plato directed by Vardan Hakobyan was released, where Volya played the main role. Also he starred in the films The Bride at Any Price (2009), Love in the Big City 2 (2010), Office Romance: Our Time (2011) and Happy New Year Moms (2012).

Personal life
Pavel had a love affair with TV presenter and designer Maria Kravtsova, best known as Marika. The lovers parted permanently, and then were together again. Their relations were actively discussed in the press. They were together for five years.
In September 2012 Pavel married famous Russian gymnast Laysan Utyasheva. But at first many people thought it was a joke. Laysan gave birth to their son Robert on May 14, 2013 in Miami. Two years later, their daughter Sofia was born.

Pavel Volya – Stand-up Comic