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Nikita Malinin

Nikita Malinin - Russian singer

Nikita Malinin – Russian singer

Nikita Malinin (his real surname is Vyguzov) became famous thanks to his participation in the TV show Stars Factory-3.
The boy was born on September 4, 1981 in Moscow. His father is famous romance singer Alexander Malinin. And his mother Inna Kurochkina played the violin in the VIA Singing Guitars. When Nikita was 2 years old, his father left the family and went to the Russian singer Olga Zarubina, and later married Emma Zalukayeva.
To be closer to her son, Inna left the career of an artist and worked as a music teacher in a kindergarten. Later she began to work in the laundry. When Nikita was 14 years old, she remarried.
As a child, the future singer rarely saw his father: Alexander came to Nikita only on his birthday and sometimes took him to stay with him.
The boy studied at the school of pop-jazz art, vocal department. By the way, Nikita is very good at playing the guitar and piano.

At the age of 14, he starred in the television commercial for Pepsi-Cola. Then he sang in the band Present and the famous group Oho-ho. Later he worked as a back vocalist in the group of his father.
You know, Nikita starred in the movie Three Sisters.
In December 2003, he became the winner of the musical project Star Factory 3 on the First channel.
One of the stars in the galaxy was named in his honor.
With the song Kitten, Nikita won the annual international award Stopudoviy Hit 2004 on radio Hit FM. In 2005 the singer took part in the world competition World Best where he represented Russia.
Nikita began producing tracks for many famous performers – Boris Moiseev, Victoria Dayneko, Irson Kudikova, as well as groups Tootsie, Cream and KGB. A huge role in the career of the singer played a familiarity with DJ Nejtrino. They created the project DJ Nejtrino & Nikita Malinin, recorded a lot of songs and musical compositions.

Personal life
Nikita met his wife Natalia when he was seventeen years old. They got married in 2008 and have a child.

Nikita Malinin