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Natalia Vetlitskaya, Soviet – Russian singer

Natalia Vetlitskaya

Natalia Vetlitskaya, Soviet – Russian singer

Natalia Vetlitskaya is a Soviet and Russian singer, former lead singer of the Soviet pop group Mirazh (Mirage). Beautiful Natalia was born on August 17, 1964 in Moscow.
At the age of 17 she started her own ballroom dancing school. The future singer took part in a variety of ballroom competitions.
In 1986, after working for about a year as a choreographer in the ballet Recital, Natalia went to the popular group Rondo as a choreographer, dancer and backing vocalist. Also she was a dancer and backing vocalist in two well-known bands, Class and Idee Fixe.
Pretty Vetlitskaya became a soloist of band Mirage in 1988. Then she began her solo career and in 1996 released the album Slave of Love.
Singer played a leading role in the musical film New Adventures of Pinocchio in 1997. In addition, Natalia played one of the main roles in the musical film The Snow Queen by Maxim Papernik in 2003.

The release of the last album to date My Favorite was in early 2004.
Vetlitskaya not only sings but also composes music, writes poetry, and she is fond of painting and design.
Awesome Vetlitskaya is engaged in charity. Since 1999, she provides financial assistance to children’s hospital.

Personal life. Vetlitskaya’s love stories
Her first husband was Pavel Smeyan.
When Natalia met Pavel he was already a well-known musician. Smeyan was one of the creators of the group Rock Studio, participated in the legendary performances – Til, The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta, Juno and Avos and performed songs for the movies.
Pavel fell in love with a young and beautiful dancer and married her. Vetlitskaya was only 17 years old and Smeyan was 24. However, soon the life with Pavel became unbearable. He began to drink heavily and often beat Natalia. So they divorced.
After a rough breakup with her first husband Natalia did not stay alone. The young and talented singer Dmitry Malikov was 18 years old when he was madly in love with long-legged 24-year-old blonde. The couple parted without quarrels and scandals. Malikov dedicated the song Goodbye, My Blonde to Vetlitskaya.
From 1 to 10 January, 1989 Zhenya Belousov was her second husband. Belousov was the man who became the cause of Malikov and Vetlitskaya’s break up. Their loud love affair lasted only three months. According to Natalia, she did not love him. But Belousov was in love with the fatal blonde so much. After a quiet wedding, Zhenya went to Saratov with band Integral on tour. When he returned he found a note on his desk, “Good-bye. Your Natasha”.
Pavel Vashchekin and Natalia hid their relationship. But their mutual friend told it was a very passionate affair. Parting with Vashchekin led to creative stagnation. Vetlitskaya was depressed.
Young singer Vlad Staszewski (Vlad Stashevskiy) met Natalia in 1993. At one of Natalia’s concerts he came with a bunch of purple roses. Their relationship lasted only a few months and they parted peacefully. Natalia was 10 years older and they had different views on life.
Male model Kirill Kirin was her third husband.
Love affair with millionaire Suleiman Kerimov was one of the most sensational in Natalia’s life. Suleiman rented country estate of the XIX century, invited Modern Talking and Italian singer Toto Cutugno to perform at Natalia’s birthday party. However, the fairy tale didn’t last forever. Kerimov presented Natalia with a plane and went to conquer the heart of ballerina Anastasia Volochkova.
Mikhail Topalov (businessman and producer, Vlad Topalov’s father) was one of her boyfriends. During their relationship Natalia became pregnant. But later it was found out that the child’s father was a yoga coach Alex.
After the birth of her daughter Ulyana on March 8, 2004 Natalia went to Europe to give her child better life.
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Natalia Vetlitskaya, Soviet – Russian singer