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Natalia Gulkina

Natalia Gulkina - Russian singer

Natalia Gulkina – Russian singer

Natalia Gulkina is a Soviet and Russian pop singer, former lead singer of the Russian female pop group Mirazh.
Cute girl was born on February 20, 1964 in Moscow.
To tell the truth, Natalia tried to enter musical school, but failed at the first examination due to the absence of support. One year later Gulkina tried again and began to sing in a jazz studio. There, in 1987, she was noticed by composer Andrei Lityagin. He was looking for soloists for the new project Mirazh. In summer 1988 Gulkina left the band due to financial disagreements. Andrei Razin persuaded Natasha to work together.
In January, 1989 Natasha and composer Leonid Velichkovsky released the first album My Little Prince. The new band was named Zvyezdy (Stars). But in 1992 the band’s name disappeared from posters.

You know, in 1993, Natalia performed in Germany for Russian-speaking audience. She created musical center Constellation at the Moscow house of children’s creativity where children were engaged in vocal and modern choreography. By the way, Gulkina wrote verses and texts for songs, as well as for the band the SHERIFF and Irina Saltykova. Since 1994 Natalia worked with show ballet The Street-jazz.
In 2004 the singer decided to get acquainted with Margarita Sukhankina (the first vocalist of Mirazh) and offered her to take part in a new project. A year later, in 2005, they released the album Just Mirage.
Moreover, in 2008, Natalia and Margarita took part in the TV show Superstar 2008 on NTV channel. Their new album 1000 Stars was released on September 17, 2009.
And in 2010 Natalia together with the group took part in the opening of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Since 2011, the singer has again returned to her solo career. The reason was the disagreement in the group, where Svetlana Razina soon took her place.
Actually, Gulkina was the first Soviet pop star who went on tour to China. The trip became possible after the singer’s victory at the international festival of pop singers Inter-Chance.

Personal life
Natalia’s first husband was Nikolai Gulkin. In 1984 the singer gave birth to her son Alexei.
Director Konstantin Terentyev was Gulkina’s second husband. He died of a stroke in 2006.
Dancer of show ballet Street Jazz, Sergei Mandrik, was her third husband. In 1999 their daughter Yana was born.
Sergey Reutov, a pediatrician, became her fourth husband. Both Mandrik and Reutov were 10 years younger than the singer.

Natalia Gulkina