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Masha Rzhevskaya

Masha Rzhevskaya - Russian pop singer

Masha Rzhevskaya – Russian pop singer

Masha Rzhevskaya was born on March 27, 1987 in Moscow into the family of former artists of the Sovremennik Theater Victor Rzhevsky and Ekaterina Larina. Her father left the theater and worked as a carpenter, and her mother became a housewife. After the divorce, Ekaterina married a computer programmer.
At age 15 she came to the TV project Star Factory 2. By the way, she was one of the five finalists. According to the girl she has very friendly and big family. Maria has two younger brothers Fyodor and Ivan, and elder sister Ksenia, who followed in her sister’s footsteps and took part in the show Star Factory 4.
Together with her sister Maria started playing music, swimming and playing tennis.
The second season of the program Star Factory started in 2003. Producer and composer Max Fadeev selected 16 people, including Polina Gagarina, Irakli Pirtskhalava, Maria Rzhevskaya, Yulia Savicheva, Elena Temnikova and Elena Terleeva.

The girl reached the final, but did not get into the top three. In the contest the first places went to Polina Gagarina, Elena Terleeva and Elena Temnikova. Nevertheless, Rzhevskaya’s songs got into the rotation of Russian radio stations and got high places in the ratings.
After the end of the project, Maxim Fadeev continued cooperation with Rzhevskaya. Singles of the singer entered the musical collection of the Star Factory-2. But soon between the singer and the producer there was a scandal, and Maria was forced to leave the tutor’s studio. In addition to the famous hits, Maria also recorded the songs Top-Top, Showreel, Nature boy, the soundtrack for the film Narenji.
Later Maria decided to try her hand as an actress. You know, she received several invitations from American filmmakers and appeared in several short films on the stories about the world of vampires.
In 2014, the film Let the Die Be Cast: Initium by British director Timothy Reinard was released. Rzhevskaya played the title role in this film. However, in titles instead of her surname the girl was under the pseudonym Maria Kaya.
Нeart Aspirations was released in 2015 with the participation of Maria. By the way, the actress recorded the soundtracks.
In 2017, Masha first tried her hand as an interior designer and finished the Parsons Fashion design in Paris.

Personal life
The girl met her future husband on the project Star Factory. Vyacheslav Kormiltsev, director of the company ARS, married Maria after the project. Soon their daughter was born.
Together with her husband Maria left her homeland and settled in London, where she still works in the theater.

Masha Rzhevskaya