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Marina Dyuzheva – Russian actress

Marina Dyuzheva

Marina Dyuzheva – Russian actress

Marina Dyuzheva is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. You know, she has played in more than 50 films.
Pretty girl was born on October 9, 1955 in Moscow. Her father was an officer in the Soviet Army, and the mother was a housewife.
Marina’s favorite subject at school was literature. After school her friend decided to enter the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) and invited Marina to go together. And then a miracle happened, Marina entered the academy. It is noteworthy that the friend was frightened and changed her mind.
Early in the career she starred under her maiden name – Kukushkina. Children’s adventure film The Secret City and the melodrama Re-wedding became the first films of the actress.
The best of her roles were in the films Domestic Circumstances and Pokrovsky Gates, as well as The Tavern on Pyatnitskaya, Mimino, At the End of Summer, State Border, Moscow Holidays. These films are rightfully included in the gold fund of Soviet and Russian cinematography.

In 2016, the actress played the role of Olga Arkadievna, mother of the main character Tatiana, in the melodramatic mini-series My Beloved Mother-in-law.
You know, in March 2018, the actress played in an experimental theater project, the main feature of which was interactivity unusual for stage performances. The project Scissors is a detective performance, the ending of which depends on the actions of the audience.

Personal life
Her first husband was Nikolai Dyuzhev, the son of an influential official of the Ministry of Culture. They met each other while studying at the institute. However, 3 years after the marriage the couple divorced.
In 1980 the actress met her second husband, 32 -year-old stuntman, Yuri Geiko. They got acquainted in Yalta, where they both were starring in the film Theft of the Century. Marina played the main role in the movie.
On October 9, 1981, on her birthday, the actress gave birth to their first child, son Misha. Their second son Grisha was born six years later, but that time on the father’s birthday.

Marina Dyuzheva – Russian actress