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Maria Kalinina – first Miss Moscow

Maria Kalinina

Maria Kalinina – first Miss Moscow

Maria Kalinina was born on September 14, 1971 in Moscow, USSR (now Russia).
She is an International Celebrity, the winner of the first Beauty Pageant in Russia.
You know, Maria uses the technique of Kundalini Yoga to help being successful in personal life, career and in life fulfillment in general. Her classes are filled with humor and deep understanding of the human psyche. By the way, she travels extensively teaching Kundalini yoga in the U.S. and overseas.

In 1988 Maria won the first in the Soviet Union beauty contest – Moscow Beauty. It was a sensation. Those days the beauty contest in the USSR was compared with Gagarin’s flight. The same day Maria became world famous.
After the victory she got a job at the modeling agency Burdamoden and worked in European countries.
In 1990 she moved to the USA, where she graduated from an acting school. In America Maria was invited to the Pride Reception at the White House, where she met President Bush.

Moreover, Maria played in the theater, starred in several Hollywood films and commercials.
She began to practice yoga after starring in the sensational Hollywood horror movie Stay Alive (2006). Pretty girl played the role of “Dracula in a skirt”, vampire Elizabeth Bathory. Masha had a complete rejection of the role she played. After the on-screen torture, murder, violence, she immediately started to clean her body, switched to a vegetarian diet.
Russian girl lives in a civil union with Valery Seagull, former athlete, the owner of the bodybuilding school.

P.S. There have been a lot of “Misses” after Masha, but she is still the first!

Maria Kalinina – first Miss Moscow

Maria Kalinina – first Miss Moscow

First Miss Moscow Kalinina Maria

Maria Kalinina – first Miss Moscow

Brilliant Kalinina Maria

Maria Kalinina beauty from the USSR

Beauty from the USSR Kalinina Maria

M. Kalinina – yoga coach

Yoga coach Kalinina Mariya

M. Kalinina – yoga coach

Fantastic Kalinina Mariya

Masha Kalinina beautiful girl

Astonishing Kalinina Mariya

Kalinina beautiful girl

Awesome Kalinina Mariya

beautiful Masha Kalinina

Charming Kalinina Mariya

M. Kalinina in the movie Stay Alive

Gorgeous Mariya Kalinina in the movie Stay Alive