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Mara Kana, rock-singer

Mara Kana - Russian rock-singer and songwriter

Mara Kana – Russian rock-singer and songwriter

Mara Kana is a Russian rock-singer, musician and songwriter.
Beautiful girl (born Marina Nesterova, then changed her Russian passport, and became Mara Kana) was born on November 25, 1978 in Moscow. According to relatives, the girl began singing at the age of 2. 10-year-old girl entered music school where she played the guitar. Her first song was written in 1989.
“My first song was dedicated to a primary school teacher. I and my classmate sang it together. It was very touching. But I can’t remember the words, it was a long time ago.”
By the way, Mara composed songs while studying at a music school, then while performing with a jazz ensemble, participating in various youth competitions.

However, her career did not develop very quickly. Only in 2003, her song Airplanes was broadcasted. The second single, Dolphins, also hit the charts. And the song Cold Men became even more popular. In the same year, Mara performed at the festival Invasion and released her first album Frankness.
Two years later, in 2005, her second album 220V was released. Talented Mara recorded a live album Unplugged in 2008.
Then, in April 2012, she released the album Two Worlds. In August of the same year, Mara made a video for the song Arctic, which was filmed on the Rybachy Peninsula in the Far North.
Since 2014, her songs are filled with deep and strong ideas: love to the Motherland, the protection of the land, the ways of the warrior, the heroes of today, the Russian man. Soon, her next album entitled War and Peace was released.
In May 2017, Mara released the Russian Star – the first single from the eponymous album.
Moreover, she is the author of several songs from Linda’s album Ataka (Attack), including the hit Tsepi I Kolitsa (Chains and Rings).
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Mara Kana, rock-singer