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Ksenia Buravskaya – beautiful actress

Ksenia Buravskaya

Ksenia Buravskaya – beautiful actress

Ksenia Buravskaya is a Russian actress.
Pretty girl was born on September 29, 1977 in Moscow but then the family moved to France. At the age of 16, Ksenia and her father (director and playwright Alexander Buravsky) left France for the USA.
In New York Buravskaya graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and the William Esper Studio.
The girl began to play in the United States, but then she returned to Russia. Awesome girl debuted in American films Soon and Russian In The City of Angels. Then she was invited to the Russian TV series Dear Masha Berezina. In the TV series Bachelors, she played along with famous actors Marat Basharov and Dmitry Pevtsov.
The role of Katya in the television crime drama series Palmist (Hiromant, 2005) made Ksenia famous.
You know, she was invited to play the role of Maya in the Russian film Moscow Chill as an English speaking actress. The partner of the young actress was the Hollywood actor Norman Reedus, the star of the film The Boondock Saints.

Buravskaya starred mostly in Russia, although she also played in the American and French films.
The actress starred along with Pierre Richard in the comedy Parisians and Jean Reno in the detective Joe. Then she played in the French melodrama Drink the Sea, the American thriller Contagion, the British crime drama Paris Connections.
In the psychological drama Red Mercury, the actress played the main role. The film is dedicated to the 90s of the last century and the lawlessness of that period both in Russia and in Estonia.
In 2015, the actress played in the series Queen of Beauty about the life of fashion models in the 60s in the USSR.
Later, in 2016, Buravskaya played in the new crime series My Father’s Son.
In November 2016, the actress played in the dramatic thriller Collector with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role. At the same time, Buravskaya never appeared on the screen. Collector is the first Russian monofilm, so viewers saw only one actor – Konstantin Khabensky. Ksenia voiced the wife of the main character.
Also, the actress received an invitation to appear in the Russian-Ukrainian project Three in a Labyrinth.

Personal life
They say that the role in the melodramatic adventure series The Story of the Pilot (2009), where Buravskaya co-starred with Marat Basharov, caused Ksenia’s divorce.
Buravskaya was married to Klim Shipenko (born on June 16, 1983 in Moscow), film director and head of the film company Weit Ship Films, who also studied in America.
He is a director and script author of the film The Unforgiven.
After the divorce Klim married actress and screenwriter Sonia Karpunina (born June 3, 1985). They starred together in the movie Everything Is Simple.

Ksenia Buravskaya – beautiful actress