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Kristina Asmus, actress and model

Kristina Asmus russian actres

Kristina Asmus – beautiful actress

Kristina Asmus is a Russian theater and film actress. Her real surname is Myasnikova. Actually, she is best known for her role of Varya Chernous in comedy TV series Interns.
Beautiful girl was born on April 14, 1988 in Kaliningrad (now Korolev), Moscow region. She has three sisters – Ekaterina, Olga and Karina. As a child, Kristina was involved in gymnastics and even achieved the title of Candidate of Master of Sports. Sports school Dynamo with its numerous trainings made her character as strong as steel. According to Kristina, her parents dreamed of her sports career. However, the girl wanted to become an actress. Her favorite TV series was Wild Angel, where Natalia Oreiro played the main role.
By the way, Kristina played the role of Eugene Komelkova in the play The Dawns Here Are Quiet in the theater MEL. And after graduating from school she played in the play Portrait of Mademoiselle Tarzhi in Youth Theater.

The role of Varya Chernous in the comedy TV series Interns was her debut one. In 2010, the actress played the role of Sasha in the detective story Left Job, directed by Nikolai Gusev.
Pretty Asmus graduated from the Schepkin Theater School in 2012. Now she is an actress of the Yermolova Drama Theater.
Moreover, Kristina worked for the modeling agency 7 Angels. According to Maxim magazine she was named the sexiest woman in Russia. Later she became TV Actress of the Year according to Glamour magazine.
As Fashion actress Kristina received Fashion People Award in 2013.
You know, the actress was a participant of the show Ice Age paired with Alexei Tikhonov in 2014.
Furthermore, Kristina played the role of gymnast Svetlana Khorkina in the film Champions: Faster, Higher, Stronger in 2016.

Personal life
During her studies, she was in a relationship with fellow student Viktor Stepanyan. The couple broke up because Asmus wanted to build her career first and only then her personal life.
For a while, Kristina had a love affair with actor Nikita Efremov – a representative of the famous actor’s dynasty.
At the end of 2012, Asmus admitted that she was in close relationship with the resident of the Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov. Kharlamov divorced his ex-wife Julia Leshchenko because of the actress.
Comic Garik Kharlamov and awesome Asmus got married in 2013. On January 5, 2014 Kristina gave birth to their daughter Anastasia.

Kristina Asmus, actress and model

asmus childhood

Pretty Russian actress in her childhood

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Victor Stepanian and Kristina Asmus

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Garik Kharlamov, Kristina Asmus and Ivan Urgant

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Nikita Efremov and Kristina Asmus

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Alexei Gavrilov and Kristina Asmus

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Artem Lyalin and Kristina Asmus

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Charming Russian actress Kristina Asmus as Varya Chernous in The Interns

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Gorgeous Russian actress Kristina Asmus. Fan art

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Amazing actress

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Attractive actress Christina Asmus

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