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KReeD – Egor Bulatkin

KReeD - Egor Bulatkin

KReeD – Egor Bulatkin

Egor Bulatkin is a popular Russian hip-hop artist and an author of the songs. The singer cooperates with the musical label Black Star Inc. and regularly releases new compositions that become hits among the youth. His stage name is Egor Kreed.
The boy was born on June 25, 1994 in Penza. His father Nikolai Bulatkin was a famous businessman, he owned the largest nuts processing plant in Russia. To tell the truth, all members of his family were connected with music: his mother sang in her youth, elder sister Polina was a singer and actress, and even his serious father played in the band.
At the age of eight, Egor began attending the chess section and even participated in youth tournaments. The boy was very keen on sports: he played basketball, football, tennis and billiards.
Being a schoolboy, Egor was inspired by the compositions of American artist Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, in particular, his track Candy Shop. At the age of 11 he began to write his first texts. In 2005 he recorded his first track Amnesia.
After school, Egor moved to Moscow and entered the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

Actually, his musical career began on the Internet. As a teenager, he wrote and recorded the song The Word Love Lost Its Meaning. The composition was popular and Egor decided to film a music video. He called his friends, found an operator with equipment, and for ten hours the guys recorded their first music video. In July 2011 Egor downloaded his song at And he was right: millions of views of his debut video Love Online did KReeD popular.
A year later he won the competition Vkontakte Star as Best Hip Hop Project.
When the boy was 17 years old, he was noticed by the producers of the Russian label Black Star Inc., founded by musician Timati. Egor was made a profitable offer, and three months after the start of negotiations the guy came to Moscow to sign a contract with the famous studio. The first work under the label Black Star was the song Starlet. Russian actress Miroslava Karpovich starred in his music video for the song.
In April 2015 the world saw the first solo album of the artist. A year later he gave a big solo concert.

Personal life
In 2012, the media wrote about his love affair with famous model of Diana Melisson. The couple broke up in 2013. According to the model, the main reason was the jealousy of Egor. The musician dedicated two of his songs to the model.
They say, Egor had love affairs with Anna Stryukova, daughter of famous Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, singers Victoria Daineko and Nyusha.
He dated model Xenia Deli, who later married an Egyptian oligarch.
Then, he had relationship with another model – Vika Odintsova. Also there were rumors about his love affair with popular singer Olga Seryabkina.
In 2018 Kreed became a hero of the most romantic reality show of the country Bachelor. Model and actress Daria Klyukina was the winner of the show. Nevertheless, Klyukina left Egor and returned to her ex-boyfriend.
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KReeD – Egor Bulatkin