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Kira Panina and her cute paintings

Kira Panina

Kira Panina

Kira Panina is a Russian painter. She was born on March 11, 1961 in Fryazino (Moscow region). Kira graduated from the Abramtsevo Industrial Art College named after outstanding Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov. You know, Panina is a member of the Union of Artists of the Moscow region.
The Russian artist is engaged in painting, graphics, and interior design. A lot of her works are in private collections in Russia and in other countries.
Kira’s pictures give people joy, love, and evoke pleasant memories. A moment of life, little episodes are the main themes of the artist’s work. She puts all the warmth of her soul and joy of perceiving the world in each picture. She paints happiness and joy.

Miracle that happened, but so far gone unnoticed
– Why are they waiting for the miracle in the New Year? I don’t think this day is different from the others. The clock struck twelve and nothing happened. How I want to keep warm, I do want to… – little sparrow barely moved his frozen legs.
He was sitting on the edge of the bench, shaking with cold and looking at the snow-covered city with a hope.
– It seems, this year I am destined to be frozen to death. And I don’t want to! Maybe, after all, something miraculous will happen. Oh, the cat is coming…
The little sparrow tried to stretch his wings, but he couldn’t fly. It was too cold.
The cat came closer and stopped. She looked at the sparrow with her cunning yellow eyes.
– What are you doing? – finally the bird asked.
– I’m waiting. – purred the cat. – Everyone says a miracle should happen. So I’m waiting for it.
– Do you want to eat me? – the sparrow asked indifferently. He did not care, because he was cold.
– No-oo, – the cat said – it will not be a miracle. I’ll wait.
– Well, let’s wait together – sparrow ruffled his feathers.
The cat looked at the trembling sparrow.
– Are you feeling cold?
– Yes, I’mmm. – he muttered.
– Oh, poor bird. Come here.
Sparrow timidly jumped down, and sat next to the cat. She wrapped her paws around the bird.
– It will be warmer here. – she explained to the bird numbed with fear.
– And when will be a miracle? – sparrow asked, hugging cat with his wings.
– I do not know. But I really want to see it. Let us wait.
– Uh-uh… Let’s wait. I’ve never seen miracles! – little sparrow became talkative. – I wonder what they look like.
The cat pressed him to her chest and sang a song. Sparrow began to sing with her waiting for a miracle.
So they were waiting. Waiting for a miracle that happened, but so far gone unnoticed.

Kira Panina and her cute paintings

panina kira sparrow

Sparrow by Kira Panina

panina kira pictures

Wonderful picture by the Russian artist Kira Panina

panina cute pictures

Cute picture by the Russian artist Kira Panina

panina beautiful pictures

Beautiful picture by the Russian artist Kira Panina

panina artist

Bright picture by Russian artist Kira Panina

panina kira artworks

Original picture by the Russian artist Kira Panina