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Katerina Plotnikova – Russian photographer

Creative photos by Katerina Plotnikova

Creative photos by Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova is a severe Russian photographer. Her photos look like they are photoshopped, but Katerina like a real Russian photographer creates wonderful pictures with dangerous wild animals and fearless models. Animal trainers take part in photo sessions. It’s not easy to take a picture with a bear, the symbol of power, hugging the fragile princess, deer, the poisonous snake and many others.
But even without the trained animals Plotnikova’s pictures have some mystique, mystery and charm.
There is an original fantasy in the style of Alice in Wonderland by Carroll and indescribable atmosphere in the work of the young photo artist.

Plotnikova, a talented photographer from Moscow, hitchhikes around the country and takes fabulous pictures with wild animals, incredible scenery and atmosphere of enchantment.
According to Katerina, success depends not on budget, professional models or expensive equipment.
She invites ordinary girls for shooting and uses simple things. She is a make-up artist, costumer and director, all in one)
About her photo – travel around the country Katerina says “What is Russia? It’s impossible to learn. Russia is more than the whole world”.
Plotnikova is fond of drawing, she studied at art school. Everything began in her childhood. Katerina and her friend took the grandmother’s dresses and went to an abandoned house. There the first photo session in fantasy style was done. Then they came up with the following topics.
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Fabulous photos by Katerina Plotnikova