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Julia Vysotskaya – actress, TV presenter

Julia Vysotskaya - actress, TV presenter

Julia Vysotskaya – actress, TV presenter

Julia Vysotskaya is a Russian film and theater actress, television presenter.
Cute girl was born on August 16, 1973 in Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast. Her parents divorced when the girl was very small. Then the mother got married for the second time, so Julia had a younger sister Inna. The girl’s stepfather was a military man and was forced to change his place of residence. The childhood of the future actress was in constant moving, she managed to live in Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku. During her studies, Julia changed seven schools.
She graduated from the Belorussian State Academy of Arts in 1995 and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 1998.
After graduating from the university, Julia was invited to play at the Belorussian National Academic Theater. However, she must have had Belarusian citizenship. To solve this bureaucratic problem, Vysotskaya married her classmate Anatoly Kot.

The girl was involved in the world of cinema in 1992. She received Best Actress Award at the Viva, Russian Cinema for her role in the film House of Fools.
By the way, Julia wrote various cookery books and the novel Gloss.
In 2003 she became a presenter of the evening program Let’s Eat at Home and the morning show Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya on NTV channel.
Later, in 2008, Vysotskaya was invited to be the culinary supervisor at Russian Evening held during the World Economic Forum in London. A year later, in 2009, she was a culinary director of the Moscow restaurant Family Floor.
She is the editor-in-chief of the culinary magazine KhlebSol since 2009.
The actress played mainly in the films of her husband Andrei Konchalovsky, but her filmography also includes the drama Max directed by Menno Meyes and the tragicomedy Soldiers’ Decameron by Andrei Proshkin.
For the role in the film Paradise the actress was shaved bold. By the way, this role brought Vysotskaya Golden Eagle award.

Personal life
Anatoliy Kot was Julia’s first husband.
In 1998 Vysotskaya married film director Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, who is 36 years older than Julia. They have two children, daughter Masha (born in 1999), and son Peter (born in 2003).
In October 2013, Maria was in a car accident and for a long time was in a comatose state.

2006 — Let’s Eat at Home. Recipes by Julia Vysotskaya
2007 — Let’s Eat at Home all Year Round
2007 — Gloss
2008 — Let’s Eat at Home Every Day
2008 — Tasty Notes
2009 — I Eat, I Run, I Live
2010 — Cooking for Kids of All Ages
2010 — New Year Recipes
2011 — One, Two and Ready

Julia Vysotskaya – actress, TV presenter