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Gordei Kolesov – Russian prodigy

Gordei Kolesov

Gordei Kolesov

Gordei Kolesov, six-year-old Russian prodigy, has become a star in China. His performance in one of the entertainment programs on China Central Television, CCTV-1, has excited the whole country. The jury was fascinated by the unusual Russian boy. The most influential newspaper of the country, Renmin Ribao, wrote about the winner and Xinhua News Agency made a report about him.
The boy speaks five languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and, of course, Russian.
During the TV show the boy read the poems by Su Chi, an ancient Chinese poet of Sun dynasty. Also he said that he knew 555 Chinese idioms (Chengyu) –fixed expressions.
The boy is not only fluent in Chinese, but also is an expert in Chinese characters (hieroglyphs). Most recently, he won Readers’ Choice Award in Chinese hard pen-2014 Calligraphy Contest. One of the judges said that Gordei writes characters better than many Chinese children.

Young Kolesov is a great chess player.
What is more, he sings songs in different languages and plays the guitar.
Gordei is fond of painting. He took the second place in the Russian-Chinese drawing contest.
At the competition Gordei first called his Chinese name – E Weiguo, and then the Russian version. By the way, none of the members of the jury could not properly pronounce his Russian name.
Kolesov says that he is Russian but he is afraid of the cold that’s why lives in Guangzhou.
Gordei was born in Moscow, but then was moved to China. It is known that the boy’s father, Eugene Kolesov, went there to live and work 15 years ago.
Gordei Kolesov

Gordei Kolesov

And what about you, Russian adults, do you know as much as six-year-old child? What a shame on us. Immediately take a book and read it! Educate yourself! We have a great cultural heritage, but we use it as a brand: “We have Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and we…”. But do you read their works? Some people even don’t know the names of the great Russian writers and painters. We laugh at the ignorance of today’s youth, who do not know who wrote Anna Karenina. And do you know its author? Matryoshka, balalaika, valenki, Gzhel, Russian songs are only cultural landmarks for us, as for Russian tourists. I come to mind that we’re only the descendants who live on the ruins of the great cultural epochs, as do the citizens of Egypt live in the ruins of the great Egyptian civilization.
And why do great Russian minds go abroad? This is another story.