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Dana Borisova, beautiful blonde

Beautiful blonde Dana Borisova

Beautiful blonde – Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova is a Russian TV presenter, who was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Defense of Russia For Achievements in Patriotic Propaganda.
Borisova is one of the most famous blondes on Russian television. She is smart, charming and nice. In many ways, these qualities have allowed a person to make a wonderful career on TV. She was a sex symbol of all the soldiers in Russia, as well as one of the most interesting presenters of her time. But her life wasn’t like a fairy tale. Her biography is an endless steeplechase, but each bump left behind made the girl stronger.
Pretty girl was born on June 13, 1976 in Mozyr, a small town in the southern part of present-day Belarus. Soon after her birth the family moved to Norilsk. She has a younger sister Ksenia, who is a stewardess.

As a teenager, Dana worked as an announcer and was a presenter of youth programs.
The girl entered the Faculty of Journalism at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1993. And in the same year she became a presenter of the TV program Army Shop. It was the first major success in her career as a presenter. As a result, Dana left the university because she was too busy to pass exams.
By the way, in 1996, Dana became the first Russian TV presenter whose photos appeared in Playboy.
What is more, Borisova was recognized as the most popular girl on the Russian Internet in 2002.
Amazing blonde was a participant of The Last Hero 3: Staying Alive and co-host of the TV program City of Women in 2003.
Later, in 2005, she became a presenter of the popular TV program The Domino Principle on NTV. The following year Dana debuted in film, she appeared in a cameo role in the movie The Bear Hunt.
In October 2012, Borisova became a presenter of the program Business Morning.

Personal life
They say the TV presenter had many love affairs. It is known that Dana lived for several months with the singer Danko.
In 2005, Dana met businessman Maxim Aksenov, who became a husband of the TV star. Her daughter Polina was born on August 27, 2007. And less than a year later Maxim left the family.
On June 22, 2015 Borisova married businessman Andrei Tishchenko. After 8 months of marriage, the couple broke up.
Soon after the divorce, Dana had a new boyfriend, hockey player Alexander Morozov. Their love affair began in June 2016, but in autumn of the same year there was a scandal. According to the reports, Dana was invited to the USA for shooting, and Alexander was against. So, pretty girl chose her career.
As journalists found out, her daughter Polina went to the father on New Year holidays and disappeared. Fruitlessly Dana tried to contact her ex-husband, and later received a message that the daughter liked to live with her father and wouldn’t come back. In January 2017, Borisova was able to return her daughter with the help of the police.
Later Russian media reported that Borisova was deprived of parental rights. The daughter of the TV presenter has been living with his father in Moscow for a long time.
“This is an unfair decision. I will not interrupt my recovery. Moreover, I want to recover myself and help other addicted people,” Borisova said.
“I am happy that my example inspires millions of people who are now in trouble and that I can just tell you what a strong thing is rehabilitation.”
At the program Let Them Talk with Andrei Malakhov Dana told about her experiences and the course of treatment, she shared her plans for the future, saying that everything has changed for the better. According to the TV presenter, she plans to open her own rehabilitation center to help people who not only suffer from drug dependence, but also find themselves in difficult life situations.
Her official site: дана-борисова.рф

Dana Borisova, beautiful blonde