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Nikolai Aldunin – master of miniature

Nikolai Aldunin
Master of microminiature Nikolai Aldunin was born on September 1, 1956 in the village of South Lamovatka, Voroshilovgrad region. Since childhood he loved metals and working as a locksmith and then as a turner at the industrial plant he comprehended all the secrets of metalworking. In 2002 he got an idea to shoe a flea. He wanted to prove that Nikolai Leskov (Russian writer; wrote a story about Lefty (Levsha), a left-handed arms craftsman from Tula, who shoed a flea) glorified Tula craftsmen not in vain. The master worked at night and wore clothes made of cotton. Microminiature is very sensitive to static electricity, which artificial materials accumulate. Nikolai had been working for three months and when finished he realized that “found himself” in the microminiature. He quitted his job and decided to start this very difficult and interesting craft.
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Ded Moroz vs Santa Claus

Ded Moroz vs. Santa Claus
Ded Moroz vs Santa Claus
They both became a symbol of the New Year holiday.
First I’d like to say some words about Ded Moroz (or Moroz, Grandfather Frost, Treskun, Studenetz). He is a Slavonic deity, Lord of the winter cold.
Hard to believe, but in the twentieth century Grandfather Frost had nearly disappeared! After the revolution, it was decided that to celebrate Christmas and New Year was bad for the people! However, in 1935 Ded Moroz appeared on New Year celebrations. It’s difficult to imagine that almost for 20 years the New Year was banned!
Prior to 1998, all-union, and then the All-Russian Ded Moroz lived in Arkhangelsk. In 1998, Moscow Mayor Luzhkov and the governor of the Vologda region Pozgalev housed fabulous old man in Veliky Ustyug, Vologda region.
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Natasha Verushka – Sword Swallower

Natasha Verushka - Sword Swallower

Natasha Verushka – Sword Swallower

Natasha Verushka is a gorgeous woman. She is a Belly dancer and the world’s only female sword swallower, two time Guinness world record holder and five time SSAI (sword swallowers association international) World Record holder.
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Julia Gunthel – Goddess of Flexibility

Julia Gunthel
Julia Gunthel (also known as Zlata) is the most flexible woman in the world, gymnast, model and actress.
She is two time Guinness World Record holder.
On November 23, 2007 Julia burst three balloons with her back for 12 seconds! She is able to open the bottles with her feet, standing on the hands.

Julia is the tallest rubber woman (176 cm, 5 ft 9 ins).
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Unbroken faith. Paralyzed girl stood up on her feet to win at Cannes

Vera Kraschuk

Vera Kraschuk on the stage

Unbroken faith. Paralyzed girl stood up on her feet to win at Cannes (Vera means faith).

This story is like a fairy tale.
When 11 years ago Vera was born, it became clear that there was something wrong with the baby. Later it was found out that little girl suffered from cerebral palsy. Both parents love Vera very much. They treated her, tried to help, in general, lived like all families who have a child with a disability.
But then everything changed.
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Nadezhda Durova – first female hussar

Nadezhda Durova
On September 17, 1783 was born, “trooper Maiden” Nadezhda Durova – the first woman officer in the Russian army.
Let’s try to find out what personal drama could push a young noblewoman to act in an unusual and surprising way.

1. Unloved daughter
Nadezhda was born into the family of hussar officer, who owned just one village in the Vyatka region. Her mother didn’t like a restless child because she dreamed of a son.
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Oksana Mkhitaryan – tiniest waist in Russia

Oksana Mkhitaryan

Oksana Mkhitaryan, the girl who has the tiniest waist in Russia

Oksana Mkhitaryan, 35-year-old girl from Moscow has the tiniest waist in Russia – only 45 cm. She has an hourglass body shape, some people call her “Guitar girl”.
On January 15, 2010 Oksana was listed in the “Russian Book of Records”.
Oksana was born in Krasnodar. Now she is a resident of Moscow, where Oksana moved with her husband – a dentist, who was offered a job in a Moscow clinic.
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