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Russian painter Marianna Verevkina

Russian painter Marianna Verevkina

Russian painter Marianna Verevkina

Marianna Verevkina was a Russian painter, representative of the Expressionist movement.
Marianna was born on September 29 (September 10), 1860 in Tula. The future painter was born into a family of warlord and statesman Vladimir Verevkin and iconographer and portrait painter Elizaveta Daragan (July 5, 1834 – March 18, 1885). In 1862 Marianna together with her parents left Tula and moved to Vitebsk, where her father was appointed military governor.
From 1868 to 1878 the family lived in Vilno, because the head of the family was appointed head of the Vilna Military District. In 1872, Marianna entered the Mariinsky female school.
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Elena Blavatskaya – founder of the Theosophical Society

Elena Blavatskaya - founder of the Theosophical Society

Elena Blavatskaya – founder of the Theosophical Society

Elena Blavatskaya was a Russian noblewoman, religious philosopher, writer, occultist and spiritualist, traveler. She was a founder of the Theosophical Society and the World Brotherhood. Elena’s main works were written in English. Some authors suggested that she had the ability to clairvoyance.
Elena was born on July 31 (12 August), 1831 in Yekaterinoslav, Russian Empire into a family of famous writer-novelist Elena Hahn (people called her Russian George Sand) and Colonel Peter Hahn. Blavatskaya’s great-grandfather, Prince Pavel Dolgorukov (1755-1837) was awarded the highest military award – the Order of St. George, and he was Kutuzov’s friend and colleague. Sergei Witte, highly influential policy-maker, was Elena’s cousin. Elena’s sister Vera, the future writer Jelihovskaya, was born in 1835 in Odessa.
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Coco Chanel and Russians in her life

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

“I was just fascinated by the Russians. Their eternal “all is mine – this is yours” is simply intoxicating,” – confessed Coco Chanel (her real name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel). Let’s remember those Russian people who influenced the talent of the great designer.
Sergei Diaghilev brought Coco to the world of “Russian Paris”. Since then, on the street Cambon where the House of Chanel was located could be heard Russian speech. She met Diaghilev during the First World War. The premiere of The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky ended with scandal. The audience did take neither innovative music nor choreography experiment. He decided to make a second attempt to stage the ballet, but he didn’t have money. Fortune smiled on him, Coco presented the choreographer with a check for a large sum of money and free costumes for several of his ballets. Until the end of her life Chanel repeated that Diaghilev was her main and only teacher, but admitted his heavy and sometimes insufferable character.
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Zhenya Belousov – Star Boy

Zhenya Belousov pop idol

Zhenya Belousov – idol of millions of girls

Evgeny Belousov, better known as Zhenya Belousov, was a Soviet and Russian pop singer and idol of millions of girls, popular in the USSR and Russia in the late 1980s – early 1990s.
Evgeny was born on September 10, 1964 in the village. The family moved to Kursk when Zhenya and his twin brother Sasha were about two months old.
In high school, Evgeny started playing in the school band.
The boy didn’t serve in the army because of health problems.
In the mid-1980s Evgeny played in one of Kursk restaurants, where he was noticed by Bari Alibasov, the head of the popular band Integral. Alibasov offered him to become a bass guitarist in the band.
In 1987, Belousov began his solo career.
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Black and white photos by Vasily Peskov

Vasily Peskov

Vasily Peskov

Vasily Peskov was a Soviet writer, journalist, TV presenter of the program In the animal world (1975-1990), traveler. He was awarded the Lenin Prize (1964) and the Russian Federation Government Prize (2013, posthumously).
Vasily was born on March 14, 1930 in Voronezh region in the family of a driver and a peasant woman. After his graduation from college Vasily worked as a driver, pioneer leader, projectionist. In his youth, he became interested in the photography of nature.
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Georgy Millyar – best Baba Yaga

Georgy Millyar – Baba Yaga

Georgy Millyar – best Baba Yaga in the world

Georgy Millyar (1903 – 1993) was a prominent Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.
Georgy was born on November 7, 1903 in Moscow into a family of French engineer, who came to work in Russia, and a daughter of an Irkutsk gold miner, Elizaveta Zhuravleva. But father died in 1906 in Yalta, when the boy was only three. Before the First World War widow moved from Moscow to Gelendzhik. After 1917, the family was left without relatives and without money. Flat in Moscow and house in Gelendzhik were confiscated.
Georgy worked in the theater as a property man, but he dreamed of the stage and learned every role.
Actor’s debut took place in the play “Cinderella”. The actress, who played the title role, became ill and Millyar replaced her. So in 1920 began his acting career.
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Marina Vlady – Russian Frenchwoman

Marina Vlady actress

Marina Vlady – beautiful actress

Marina Vlady is a French actress and singer of Russian origin, writer, was engaged in sculpture. The actress has played in more than 100 films and has written more than a dozen books. Her real name is Ekaterina Marina Polyakova-Baydarova, also known as Catherine Marina de Poliakoff-Baydaroff.
Marina was born on May 10, 1938 in Clichy-la-Garenne, France in the family of Russian immigrants. She was the youngest of four daughters. Her father, Vladimir Polyakov-Baydarov, actor of opera houses in Paris and Monte Carlo, left Moscow for France during World War I. Her mother Milica Envald was a dancer, daughter of a Russian general.
“I am Russian, only with a French passport. My father graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. When the First World War began, he went to France, to go a volunteer into the army. He was the only son of a widowed mother, and he wasn’t taken to the Russian army. My father became a pilot, was wounded and was awarded the military cross. After the war, he stayed in France, worked at the Paris Opera, sang at the Opera de Monte Carlo. He was familiar with Modigliani, Matisse, Delaunay. My mother’s family left Russia in 1919. Mom was in Belgrade when she met my father – Vladimir Polyakov, who came on tour. My mom grew up in St. Petersburg.”
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