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Lena Perova

Elena Perova russian singer

Lena Perova

Lena Perova is a Russian singer, TV presenter, actress, former soloist of Russian groups Lyceum (1991-1997) and A-Mega (1998-2000).
Cute girl was born on June 24, 1976 in Moscow. Her parents were musicians who worked in the Satire Theater for many years.
15-year-old girl joined the girls band Lyceum, where she performed together with Nastya Makarevich and Isolda Ishkhanishvili. It was Alexei Makarevich’s idea to create a group. Their debut on stage took place in the TV show Morning Star, where the girls performed with ABBA’s song One Of Us. A year after the band recorded their debut album House Arrest. The group received the Ovation award in the nomination Discovery of the Year in 1995. In July 1997 Perova left the group.
The next stage of Lena’s life was an acquaintance with Andrey Grozny and work with a group A-Mega. It was Zhanna Friske who introduced them to each other. Lena was so fascinated by sexy brunette and even wanted to be a soloist of the girl band Blestyashchie.
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Julia Nachalova, singer

Julia Nachalova singer

Julia Nachalova – beautiful singer and actress

Julia Nachalova is a Soviet and Russian singer, actress and television presenter.
Beautiful girl was born on January 31, 1981 in Voronezh, into a family of professional musicians. Her father, musician and composer, began to teach his daughter to sing at the age of two. Five-year-old Julia went on tour with her parents. And in 1986, she first appeared on the stage as a singer. By the way, she performed with her father in the Voronezh Philharmonic. In 1990, Julia wrote her first song Teacher.
Two years later, in 1992, the girl became a winner of the popular TV contest Morning Star and was invited to become a presenter of the popular children’s program Tam-Tam News. So, the family moved from Voronezh to Moscow.
After school, she entered the Gnessin State Musical College.
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Anna Pletneva, pop singer

Anna Pletneva

Beautiful Anna Pletneva

Anna Pletneva is a Russian singer, soloist of the Russian pop-group Vintage, the former lead singer of the Russian pop group Lyceum (1997-2005).
Beautiful girl was born on August 21, 1977 in Moscow. By the way, the girl was madly in love with Russian singer Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. She was his fan and went to all his concerts. Once her brother got his autograph and the little girl slept with it under her pillow for five years until the piece of paper turned into dust. Every night she dreamed of singing with him on the same stage.
Much time has passed, Anna became a singer and one day, she and Vladimir flew together on tour. To tell the truth, she came to him on the plane and told how much she loved him. Later the same evening they were singing together.
While studying at school the future singer danced in children’s ballet Ostankino.
Anna worked as a teacher at the Maimonides State Classical Academy.
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Nastya Kamenskih, singer

Nastya Kamenskih singer

Nastya Kamenskih – beautiful singer

Nastya Kamenskih is a singer, member of the duo Potap and Nastya. Potap (his real name is Alexei Potapenko) is a Ukrainian singer, producer, and composer.
Pretty girl was born on May 4, 1987 in Nikolaev, USSR. Her mother is a soloist of the National Academic Folk Choir. Her father was a captain of Dynamo in volleyball. Anastasia is the only child in the family.
At the age of 5 the girl went to France as an exchange student, but soon returned home. Then she lived and studied in Italy for seven years. At the age of 14 Anastasia graduated from music school. Also the girl studied ballet.
Future star entered the Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine in 2004. A year later, in 2005, Anastasia received Discovery of the Year award by London UBN Awards.
Awesome girl became a soloist of the duet Potap and Nastya in 2006. They became popular and won many awards and prizes.
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Anna Sedokova – singer, TV host

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova – singer, TV host

Anna Sedokova is a famous singer, actress, TV host, writer and one of the most remarkable stars in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Everything that Anna does immediately becomes popular – she knows how to grab the headlines. For example, the Russian editions of Maxim and Playboy with Anna as the cover-girl are perennial bestsellers.
Anya (bright Ukrainian person with Russian roots; her parents came to Ukraine from Siberian town Omsk) was born on December 16, 1982 in Kiev.
Since early childhood, Anna was engaged in music and dances. When she was 6 years old, she became the member of the Ukrainian folklore ensemble Svitanok. By the way, she graduated from school with a gold medal and from musical school as a brilliant student.
During her studies at university, Anna worked as a model and a hostess in the club. Then she was offered to become a presenter of the program O-TV Models on O-TV musical channel.
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Kristina Asmus, actress and model

Kristina Asmus russian actres

Kristina Asmus – beautiful actress

Kristina Asmus is a Russian theater and film actress. Her real surname is Myasnikova. Actually, she is best known for her role of Varya Chernous in comedy TV series Interns.
Beautiful girl was born on April 14, 1988 in Kaliningrad (now Korolev), Moscow region. She has three sisters – Ekaterina, Olga and Karina. As a child, Kristina was involved in gymnastics and even achieved the title of Candidate of Master of Sports. Sports school Dynamo with its numerous trainings made her character as strong as steel. According to Kristina, her parents dreamed of her sports career. However, the girl wanted to become an actress. Her favorite TV series was Wild Angel, where Natalia Oreiro played the main role.
By the way, Kristina played the role of Eugene Komelkova in the play The Dawns Here Are Quiet in the theater MEL. And after graduating from school she played in the play Portrait of Mademoiselle Tarzhi in Youth Theater.
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Alina Arts

Alina Arts beautiful girl

Beautiful Alina Arts

Alina Arts is a Russian singer, TV and radio presenter, actress.
Beautiful girl was born on February 5, 1986 in St. Petersburg. Her father is fond of traveling and is engaged in tourism. Her mother and grandmother are doctors. Thanks to her mother’s talent Alina has a great collection of stage costumes. In her childhood Alina was keen on singing and dancing.
She is not only beautiful, but clever girl. Alina graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Instrument Engineering and the St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics.
In 2007, Arts moved to Moscow and entered the theater workshop. And in the same year she began her television career.
By the way, pretty girl is a presenter of the reality show M-1 Fighter, evening show Hot Secrets with Alina Arts on music channel Europa Plus TV (2011-2013), TV show Star Secrets with Alina Arts on music channel Europa Plus TV (2013, 2014). Also Alina worked as a presenter of the TV program Das ist Fantastisch on NTV channel. Every new program is a mini theater performance.

In addition, Alina was a presenter of the leading music awards ceremony, Billboard Music Awards in 2012 and 2013.
Moreover, she interviewed world stars such as Christina Aguilera, Tiesto, Fat Boy Slim, Steve Aoki, Loverush UK, Marlon Roudette.
Awesome Alina played in the TV series The Matchmaker (2007), children’s newsreel Jumble (2008), TV series Trace (2008), TV project Wedding of Your Dreams (2008), TV series 220 Love (2009), film Roof (2009), dynamic show ChISo 4102 (2012).
In 2007 – 2008 Arts was a vocalist of the DJ project Vengerov & Fedoroff.
From 2009 to 2010 Alina was a soloist of the band VIA Sirius. Later, in 2011, she launched her solo project.
What’s more, pretty girl was the winner of the Miss Russian Night pageant. According to Maxim magazine Alina was one of the 100 Sexy Girls in 2011. In the same year she became the cover girl for the Playboy.
Besides, Alina was a host of the famous Polish Song Festival Zielona Gora for five years.
Actually, she was the performer of the official Olympic Torch Relay song Olympic Dance. Since October 2013 she crossed the country from west to east and back to Sochi. On October 28, 2013 Alina became an honorary torchbearer in Pushkin (Russian town).
You know, Alina enjoys martial arts and participated in boxing and sambo tournaments. Arts is personally acquainted with boxers Lamon Brewster and Roy Jones.
Vyacheslav Arts, Alina’s son was born on October 10, 2012 in the United States of America. The father of the child is businessman Vyacheslav Kamnev.
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Alina Arts

Alina Arts roy jones

Roy Jones and Alina Arts

arts alina beautiful russian girl

Brilliant Alina Arts

artz alina russian actress

Astonishing Russian actress Alina Arts

Alina Arts in her childhood

Alina Arts in her childhood

Amazing Alina Artts

Amazing Alina

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Attractive Alina

Awesome Alina Artts

Awesome Alina

Beautiful Alina Artts

Beautiful Alina

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Bright Alina

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Charming Alina

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Cute Alina

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Fantastic Alina

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Gorgeous Alina

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Graceful Alina

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Lovely Alina

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Pretty Alina

Magnificent Alina Artts

Magnificent Alina

Stunning Alina Artts

Stunning Alina