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Yuliya Peresild, actress

Yuliya Peresild

Yuliya Peresild – Russian actress

Yuliya Peresild is a Russian theater and film actress.
She was born on September 5, 1984 in Pskov, Russia. Her mother worked as a teacher in kindergarten. And her father is a talented painter – iconographer.
In her childhood Yuliya loved to sing and was a member of the local musical group Equalizer. At the age of eleven the girl went to Moscow to take part in the children’s TV show Morning Star. Since then she had dreamed of living in the capital.
In 2001, Peresild met an interesting and creative person – Sergey Rakhmanov. They created a duet Night Platform and performed in military units, orphanages and nursing homes.
After graduating from school Yuliya entered Pskov Pedagogical Institute, Russian Philology Department. A year later the girl went to Moscow and entered the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts.
In 2007, Peresild became an actress of the Theater of Nations. Now Yuliya collaborates with the School of Modern Play, Moscow Theater of Drama on Malaya Bronnaya and Yevgeny Mironov’s theater company.
She is a trustee of the charity fund Galchonok, helping children with organic lesions of the central nervous system.

In 2010, Peresild received a Crystal Turandot award as Best Actress (Warsaw Melody), White Elephant award as Best Supporting Actress and Golden Eagle award as Best Supporting Actress.
On March 15, 2013 Yuliya was awarded the Presidential Award for contribution to the development of national theater and cinema.
The actress played many roles in the theater productions: The Trojan Women, Bluebeard – Hope of Women, Viy by Nikolai Gogol, Wheel of Fortune by Carl Orff, Unmarried Moliere based on Moliere’s plays, Figaro. The events of the day, Bullfinches based on Nina Sadur’s play Suicide, Swedish Match by Anton Chekhov, Killer Joe by Tracy Letts, Miss Julie by August Strindberg, Grooms by Isaac Dunaevskiy, Electra, Office love and others.
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Beautiful Yuliya

Personal life
Her personal life is a mystery. According to the press Yuliya had a love affair with famous director Alexei Uchitel. Some sources claim that he is the father of her first child born in 2009. The girl was named Anna. Three years later Yuliya gave birth to the second daughter named Masha. The true name of the child’s father is hiding.
peresild uchitel

Yuliya and Alexei Uchitel

They say she dated actor Alexander Novin.
peresild novin

Yuliya and Alexander Novin

Selected filmography
2005 – Princess and the Pauper
2005 – Yesenin
2006 – Bride
2006 – Enchanted land
2007 – Trap
2007 – On the way to the heart
2008 – I’ll be back
2008 – Prisoner
2008 – Fortress
2008 – Alice Forever
2010 – Rival
2011 – Drops of blood on a flowering heather
2011 – Five brides
2011 – Winter tango
2012 – Santa Lucia
2012 – In the fog
2013 – Parajanov
2015 – The Battle of Sevastopol (in production)
peresild mironov

Yuliya and Tevgeny Mirinov

peresild yuliya russian actress

Yuliya – beautiful blonde

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