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Victoria Lopyreva – Miss Russia – 2003

Victoria Lopyreva
Victoria Lopyreva is one of the most famous models in modern Russian history. She is Miss Russia 2003 and popular TV presenter.
Victoria was born on July 26, 1983 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Her father was a famous artist and her mother worked as a journalist. Since childhood, the girl loved to read books, and create her own little masterpieces, dragging paints from her father’s workshop.
Victoria started her professional activity as a model at the age of 5. She was photographed to advertise children’s clothes and toys in different magazines. At the age of 16 she won the contest “The Model of Don”, where her mother had brought her photos.
In different years the girl was awarded many titles – Rostov Beauty, Face of the Year, Miss Donbass, Furor of the Year, as well as was a finalist of Elite Model Look and Super model of the World.
In 2003, Victoria took part in the beauty pageant “Miss Russia 2003”. Her rivals were many bright girls, but jury chose Lopyreva.

“I should say that the contests made me better and stronger, — says Victoria. When there are 50-80 very beautiful girls around you and each of them is a real competitor, I try to muster all my strength. The winner is not the most beautiful one, since beauty is something subjective. The beauty needs character, ability to set a goal and achieve it”.
lopyreva victoria miss russia
Victoria became really famous and celebrated. Her photos began to appear in the top magazines of the country, and the beauty became a frequent guest on various Russian talk shows.
Pride of Rostov-on-Don appeared in such magazines as Cosmopolitan and Maxim, was a director of the Miss Russia pageant, and there are some nice scenes of her crawling through the mud on the reality show which is called Last Hero (Russian version of the Survivor).
Victoria was invited to the live program of the international beauty contest “Miss Europe” as a co-presenter. For the first time in the history of the contest, a Russian woman was invited as a co-presenter. The languages of the contest were English and French.
Victoria was a participant of different TV-shows such as To the Barrier, Let them speak, The Cleverest, Who wants to be a millionaire?.
The beautiful girl is a president of charity foundation “Wiping bounds”, helping talented children of all nations, who suffered in armed conflict, who lost one or both parents or provider. Since 2004 she takes active part in the work of “Steppe Wildlife” association and the Center of European Steppes rare animals. Since 2006 she is a member of the WWF, the owner of the Title “Guardian of The Earth”.
victoria lopyreva beautiful blonde
Personal life
For a long time Victoria was in a romantic relationship with the famous singer Vlad Topalov (ex-member of the band Smash).

lopyreva topalov

Victoria and Vlad Topalov

Lopyreva and Vyacheslav Manucharov had a love affair.
lopyreva manchyrov

Victoria and Vyacheslav Manucharov

Victoria was together with Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.
lopyreva ovechkin

Victoria and Alexander Ovechkin

Victoria was Timati’s girlfriend.
lopyreva timati

Victoria and Timati

At the end of 2012, striker of FC Dynamo Moscow Fedor Smolov became her new boyfriend. At the beginning of 2013 the couple announced their engagement. They say that the couple broke up.
lopyreva smolov

Victoria and Fedor Smolov

lopyreva smolov

Victoria and Fedor Smolov

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