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Victoria Dayneko

Victoria Dayneko
Victoria Dayneko is a Russian singer, the winner of the TV project Star Factory-5, the participant of the Channel One’s project “Ice age”.
Victoria was born on May 12, 1987 in Taldy-Kurgan, Kazakh SSR and grew up in Yakutia, Russia. Her parents brought the girl to the ballet Diamonds of Yakutia, where she danced until the age of 11.
Since childhood, Dayneko dreamed of becoming a pop singer. Victoria is a self-taught singer because in the small town there were no special school. At first she performed with local pop group Reflection and then with a group Phaeton. The girl constantly participated in various competitions, including the Blue Bird.
Because of the desire to “speak and sing in English” she entered the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Moscow Aviation Institute.

dayneko childhood

Victoria in her childhood

In 2004 Dayneko took part in the TV project Alla Pugacheva’s Star Factory 5, where she became a winner. After the project she began working with Igor Matvienko. They recorded several songs and shot music videos.
In early 2007, Victoria recorded the soundtrack “The film is not about love” for the film “Waiting for the Miracle”. In the same year she became the “Fashion – singer of the year” according to Fashion TV and was shot for Playboy magazine.
Also in 2007, she participated in the TV project Ice Age paired with Alexei Yagudin. Together with Alexei the singer recorded a song Needle.
dayneko yagudin

Victoria and Alexei Yagudin

In the spring of 2009 Dayneko took part in the TV project Two Stars, where she performed with Alexander Oleshko and took the third place.
In late 2010, the singer voiced the main character of the cartoon Tangled.
Victoria was invited to several TV projects and played roles in movies.
In 2011, she participated in the project Star Factory. The Comeback and won it once again.
dayneko victoria russian singer

This Russian singer is called “Yakut diamond”

Personal life
In 2006 the singer had an affair with the lead singer of the band Roots Pavel Artemyev. But the novel was short-lived.
dayneko Artemyev

Victoria and Pavel Artemyev

Then she was together with another member of the band Dmitry Pakulichev. The couple broke up.
dayneko Pakulichev

Victoria and Dmitry Pakulichev

In the late summer of 2011 Victoria began dating with Alexei Vorobyov, with whom she was together until May 2012.
dayneko vorobyov

Victoria and Alexei Vorobyov

After parting with Vorobyov Dayneko dated TV presenter Artem Korolev.
dayneko korolev

Victoria and Artem Korolev

Dayneko has a tattoo on her back – Enjoy every moment and the letter V.
dayneko victoria beautiful singer

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