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Valeriy Meladze, Russian singer from Georgia

Valeriy Meladze, Russian singer from Georgia

Valeriy Meladze, Russian singer from Georgia

Valeriy Meladze is a Russian singer, Honored Artist of Russia (2006), People’s Artist of the Chechen Republic (2008), member of the International Union of pop art.
He was born on June 23, 1965 in Batumi, Georgian SSR, USSR. He is the younger brother of composer and producer Konstantin Meladze. At first Valeriy lived in Batumi, where he graduated from music school. In 1983-1987 he studied at the Shipbuilding Institute. In 1989, he and his brother joined the group Dialogue, which Valeriy left in 1993.
In December 1993, Alla Pugacheva invited him to participate in her Christmas meetings with the song Limbo.
In 1995 he released his first solo album Sera, which brought him instant fame. In 1996, the singer released his second solo album, The Last Romantic.

In 1997, Meladze was scheduled to perform at Eurovision Song Contest with the song Prim Donna but he fell ill. So Alla Pugacheva, author of the song, performed instead of him. She took 15th place.
In 2007 he became a music producer of Star Factory-7 together with his brother Konstantin.

Personal life
In March 1989 Valeriy married Irina Malukhina. For the sake of Moscow registration they had to divorce, and in 1998 they got married again. On January 21, 2014 they divorced.
Valeriy has five children.
Irina gave birth to three daughters: Inga (born on February 7, 1991), Sophia (born on May 18, 1999), Arina (born on December 7, 2002).
Albina Dzhanabaeva, Russian actress, singer, TV presenter, former soloist of Ukrainian female pop group VIA Gra, gave birth to two his sons: Konstantin (born on February 26, 2004; at that time Valeriy was still married) and Luka (born on July 2, 2014).

meladze children

Valeriy, his wife Irina and their daughters

meladze dzhanabaeva

Valeriy and Albina Dzhanabaeva

1994 – Limbo
1994 – Do not disturb my soul, violin
1995 – The Night before Christmas
1995 – In the middle of the summer
1995 – Sera
1996 – How beautiful you are today
1997 – The Actress
1997 – White moth’s samba
2002 – I cannot live without you
2003 – Se la vie
2003 – Ocean and three rivers feat. VIA Gra
2006 – Return my love feat. Ani Lorak
2010 – Heaven
2011 – Stay with me
2012 – Lost and Found and many others.

Selected filmography
2002 – Cinderella
2004 – Sorochinskaya Fair
2008 – New Price
2011 – Santa Claus always rings thrice

1996 – To die with happiness and love (Loneliness, New Year, Road)
1996 – Old songs-2 (Jamaica)
1997 – Ten Songs about Moscow (Moscow Nights)
2001 – Women’s happiness (Do not go)
2002 – Cinderella (Why cannot people)
2004 – Sorochinskaya Fair (You like me, You cannot buy love)
2008 – Admiral (Against)
2008 – The Inhabited Island (She will never be mine)
2011 – Santa Claus always rings thrice (Old Year)

Valeriy Meladze, Russian singer from Georgia