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Tatyana Pushkina, TV presenter

Tatyana Pushkina tv presenter

Tatyana Pushkina, Russian TV presenter

Tatyana Pushkina is a Russian TV presenter, pro-rector of the Ostankino Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting in Moscow.
Tatyana was born on August 25, 1964 in Moscow into the family of aircraft manufacturers.
In 1986 she graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).
Since the late 1980s she worked in the Ostankino technical department, then in the youth edition, where she participated in the production of the programs Vzglyad and 12th floor.
Tatyana was a presenter of different programs, such as Empire of Spectacles, Music News BIZ-TV, Russian hour, Women’s Stories, Night Guest and others.

In 2001 she became a host of Day by Day on TV-6 instead of Anatoly Kuzichev and Elena Turubara.
Tatyana was an art produced of the musical television movie Old Songs, Old Songs – 2, Old Songs – 3 and talk show The National Interest with Dmitry Kiselev.
In 2010 Pushkina took part in the TV project Dancing with the Stars paired with Alexey Katushkov.
Tatyana is often confused with her namesake, the TV presenter Oksana Pushkina. They both were the presenters of the program Women’s Story, and they also look alike. Some people believe they are sisters, but it is not so.
Oksana Pushkina

Oksana Pushkina, Russian TV presenter

Personal life
Her first husband was Alexander Lyubimov. Tatyana has a son Nikita.
Her second husband is Vladimir.


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Tatyana Pushkina – Russian TV presenter