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Tamara Syomina – Russian actress

Tamara Syomina
Tamara Syomina was born on October 25, 1938 in Lgov, Kursk region.
Tamara is a Soviet and Russian actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.
In 1961 she graduated from the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) and became the actress of the Theatre-Studio.
Tamara was born in a military family. Her father, a commander of a tank platoon Pyotr Fedorovich Bokhonov, was killed on the front lines. In 1942 the family was evacuated and later Tamara came to her grandparents in Bryansk, where she went to school.

In 1946 Tamara’s mother met Pyotr Vasilievich Syomin, who adopted her children and became for them a loving father and a true friend. Soon they moved to Kaluga, closer to his mother. There Tamara entered Teachers College, but left it and went to Moscow to become an actress.
She successfully graduated from VGIK and has made a career as a dramatic actress. In 1959 Mikhail Schweitzer invited her to play the role of Katyusha Maslova in the adaptation of the novel by Leo Tolstoy “Resurrection” (Voskresenie).
For this role readers of the magazine “Soviet Screen” recognized Syomina the best actress in 1961, she became popular not only in the Soviet Union but abroad.
The film was successfully shown in different countries around the world, and in 1962 at the XV International Film Festival in Locarno, Tamara was awarded the FIPRESCI prize. She was recognized as the best actress at the film festival in Mar del Plata in Argentina.
After the “Resurrection” Syomina starred in several interesting roles – in the film “Colleagues” directed by Andrei Sakharov, “Empty flight” by V. Vengerova (both in 1962), “Happy Day” by Kheifits (1963) and in 1965 Mikhail Schweitzer invited Tamara for a role in his film “Time, Forward!”.
In 1960th Tamara performed in the theater. She played Katerina in “The Storm” by Alexander Ostrovsky, Valya Onishchenko in “Russian people” by Konstantin Simonov, etc.

TV series “Vechny zov” (1973-1983), where Tamara played the role of Anfisa, was very popular and actors, who starred in the title roles became national heroes.
Tamara married her classmate Vladimir Prokofiev.

Selected filmography
1958 – The road to the festival
1963 – The Serf Actress
1965 – Clean Ponds
1966 – The man I love
1968 – The Golden Calf
1970 – One of us
1971 – Tell me about yourself
1973 – The Black Prince
1978 – Yemelyan Pugachev
1979 – Dangerous Friend
1983 – Find a horseshoe for good luck
1987 – A mysterious heir
1988 – Bomzh
1988 – Grey Mouse
1990 – Nightmare in the madhouse
1991 – Rubber woman
1992 – Upside Down
1992 – Stars in the sea
1999 – Transit for the Devil
2002 – Two Fates
2002 – The fifth Angel
2004 – The jackpot for Cinderella
2010 – Chemist
2011 – Diamond Hunters

Tamara Syomina – Russian actress