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Svetlana Metkina, Hollywood actress from Moscow

Svetlana Metkina
Svetlana Metkina is a Russian actress, best known in Hollywood under the name Lana Litvak.
Svetlana was born on January 7, 1974 in Moscow. In her childhood Metkina was engaged in dancing, drawing, acting, singing. At school Svetlana and her sister Arina organized and staged performances.
Sveta began to play at the Children’s Theatre “Young Muscovites”. In 1995 the girl graduated from Shchukin Theatre School.
Svetlana made her debut in the movie “Family” in 1998.
Now Metkina plays in Hollywood.
The first American film with her participation was released in 2001. It was “Slingshot”. Then there were “Barbarian”, “Second front”, ” Minnie’s first time” (film with Alec Baldwin, where Svetlana played Russian wife of one of the heroes).

Golden Globe nominated film on the last day of Robert Kennedy’s life (directed by Emilio Estevez) “Bobby” was a breakthrough in her career. Svetlana played the role of the Czech journalist in the film. She was a part of the star ensemble – Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone, Elijah Wood, Demi Moore, Helen Hunt, Lindsay Lohan, Martin Sheen and others stars, who received Ensemble of the Year Award at the Hollywood Film Festival.
In the Hollywood thriller “Evidence” actress played the role of circus dancer. In “Uhlan ballad”, the film about the war of 1812, Svetlana played Maria Walewski, who became the mistress of Napoleon in order to save Poland.
In 2012, Metkina played in the film Into Hell.
Svetlana is fluent in Russian, French and English, and splits time between Moscow, Paris and Los Angeles.
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Personal life
Her successful marriage, like in a fairy tale, took place after the ball. In 1993, at the traditional ball in the Kremlin 42-year-old Prince saw 18-year-old girl and fell in love. A year later they got married. Svetlana married billionaire of Russian origin, Michel Litvak (now he is a Belgian citizen), who founded the company “Russian World”.
They have two children – a son Alexander (born in 1996) and a daughter Polina (born in 1999). Most films, in which Svetlana participates are sponsored by her husband.

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Svetlana and her husband Michel Litvak

Selected filmography
2012 – Evidence
2009 – Knife Edge
2007 – Track man
2006 – Bobby
2006 – Mini’s First Time
2005 – The Second Front
2005 – Slingshot
2003 – Barbarian
1998 – Aila
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