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StuFF – Svyatoslav Bystrov

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Svyatoslav Bystrov or StuFF – Russian rapper

$tuFF (Svyatoslav Bystrov) was born on April 29, 1988 in Moscow.
$tuFF is a musician, hip-hop singer, rapper. He became popular because of collaboration with famous Russian singer Mitya Fomin and participation in the TV project “Vacation in Mexico” on MTV.
In his childhood Svyatoslav became interested in hip-hop and at the age of 15 he began writing his first rap songs.
He is not only a singer, but also a Master of Sport in Sambo and Judo. Svyatoslav has won two bronze medals at the World Championship.
Sport has become a significant part of his life and the first songs were dedicated to it. The young musician quickly gained recognition in certain circles, where people appreciate the desire to win and willpower. Because of a back injury he had to leave the sport.

After school Svyatoslav served in the army.

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Russian rapper StuFF, Svyatoslav Bystrov, in the army

In 2007 StuFF collaborated with famous rap musicians Masta and White. Then he realized that he wanted to start a solo project.
Since 2010 Svyatoslav works with famous musician Mitya Fomin. The project MF unity helped the young singer to make a significant breakthrough in a creative career. The whole country saw the work of Svyatoslav in the popular video “Everything will be fine”, which was very popular in 2010.
Now $tuFF is working on his first solo album.
He is very fond of girls. He likes blonde girls, brunette girls, red-haired girls. And even bald girls attracts him)

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StuFF – “I am very fond of girls. I like blonde girls, brunette girls, red-haired girls. And even bald girls attract me.”

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StuFF – Russian rapper

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