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Sergey Svetlakov – popular Russian actor

Sergey Svetlakov

Sergey Svetlakov – popular Russian actor

Sergey Svetlakov is a popular Russian actor, writer, comedian, former member of the KVN team.
Sergey was born on December 12, 1977 in Sverdlovsk in a family of railway workers. He has an older brother Dmitri Svetlakov (born in 1970). Sergey played football and basketball, and he even became a candidate for the master of sports in handball. Every summer, the whole family went to the village, where Sergey loved fishing.
In 2000, he graduated from the Urals State University of Railway Transport. Svetlakov was awarded the title of “Knight of the University”. He was the captain of the university KVN team. They became the coolest persons in Yekaterinburg after their participation in the KVN festival in Sochi.

Together with Garik Martirosyan, Semyon Slepakov, Arthur Tumasyan and Sergey Ershov, Svetlakov wrote scripts for the KVN teams. This creative people started the Comedy Club in Russia.
In 2008, Ivan Urgant, Alexander Tsekalo, Garik Martirosyan and Sergey launched their TV project “Prozhektorperiskhilton”. The program, which received three Taffy awards, is one of the most successful projects on the First Channel.

svetlakov childhood

Sergey in his childhood

Personal life
Svetlakov met his first wife Yulia at the University. In 1997 she became the wife of comedian and traveled with her restless spouse around the country. In Moscow Yulia worked as a realtor. On December 12, 2008 she gave birth to their daughter Anastasia.

svetlakov wife

Svetlakov and his first wife Yulia

In 2013, Sergey married Antonina Chebotareva. The actor met Antonina in Krasnodar, where she worked as deputy director of the cinema. They have a little son Ivan.
Svetlakov’s wedding in Thailand
Summer, sun, hot white sand, palm trees, sweet fruits, big exotic flowers and… four prisoners in striped uniforms on the beach – Sergey and Antonina and two kids: daughter Nastya and son Vanya. Tourists thought it was for sure a movie shoot. But it was Svetlakov’s unusual wedding. At first their relatives, even didn’t know about the wedding. They all danced barefoot on the sand, played jokes, sang songs and had dinner on the beach, there were magicians for kids.

svetlakov second wife

Sergey and Antonina. Photo:

svetlakov wedding in Thailand

Svetlakov’s wedding in Thailand. Photo:

Svetlakov and his brother opened stores, selling funny and original gifts, in Yekaterinburg.

Selected filmography
2010 Our Russia: Eggs of fate
2010 Christmas Trees
2010 Diamond Arm 2
2011 Bedouin
2012 Jungle
2013 Sergei Svetlakov (documentary)
2014 Train Moscow – Russia

svetlakov sergey

Sergey Svetlakov – popular Russian actor

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