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Sergei Astakhov – talented actor

Sergei Astakhov

Sergei Astakhov – talented actor

Sergei Astakhov is a talented Russian actor, best known for his roles in numerous television series.
The future famous actor was born on May 28, 1969 in a small village Krasny Liman, Voronezh region. His father was a military man, and therefore the life of little Sergei was linked with the move. So, in early childhood, he and his family moved to Sakhalin. Sergei decided to become a soldier and was preparing to enter the Suvorov military school. At the last moment, he changed his mind and entered the local Polytechnic Institute, but left it a year later.
In 1987, Astakhov (then – Kozlov, his real surname) went into the army. There he performed together with the military brass band. In 1989, the young man returned to Voronezh and entered drama school, where he met his future wife, Victoria Adelfina.

In 1999, at the age of thirty, the actor moved to the Russian capital. The early years in Moscow were very hard. He worked in small theaters. Some time later Alexander Kalyagin invited him to join Et Cetera theater. The role of Ferdinand in the play “Intrigue and Love” became his debut one. The first performance was successful, and soon the actor began to receive good roles. And already in 2001, Sergei became the winner of the prestigious theater award “Chaika” in the category “Fatal man”. Despite the success the actor left the theater. The reason for this was the constant film shooting, which soon became the main source of the actor’s income.
In 2001, Astakhov debuted in the film “Happy Birthday, Lola” in the role of charming killer Bim. Debut in the movie was successful, and very soon Sergei began starring in various films and television series.
From 2003 to 2006, the actor had starred in more than thirty (!) films. Soon he became a TV serial actor. The most notable works of the actor were in such TV series as Ice Age, Another Life, Honor, Poor Nastya, Children of the Arbat, the Black Spades.

astakhov childhood

Sergei in his childhood

In 2007, Astakhov starred in the feature film “Korolev”, where he played the role of the famous engineer. For this role Sergei was awarded the Audience Award at the popular festival “Constellation”. According to the actor it was his most favorite role of all.

Sergei Astakhov Russian actor

Sergei Astakhov – Russian actor

Personal life
While studying at drama school actor married his classmate Victoria Adelfina. They have a daughter. However, the family life was brief.

victoria adelfina

Victoria Adelfina

There were a lot of rumors about actor’s love affairs in the press. Moreover, recently the media reported that Victoria was his second wife. The first one was actress Natalia Komardina. But the couple broke up a few months after the wedding.

astakhov komardina

Sergei and Natalia Komardina

In 2011 Astakhov had a love affair with popular Russian actress Elena Korikova.

astakhov korikova

Sergei and Elena Korikova

astakhov sergei talented actor

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