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Russian singer – Valeriya

valeriya russian singer
Valeriya is a great Russian singer, Honoured Artist of Russia (2005). Her real name is Alla Perfilova.
Alla was born on April 17, 1968 in a small town Atkarsk, Saratov region. Her parents worked in the local music school. Her father was a director, and her mother was a teacher.
Since her early childhood the little girl knew that she wanted to be a singer. In 1985, Valeriya left her hometown and moved to Moscow, where she entered the most famous music academy in Russia – Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. Among her teachers were professor Iosif Kobzon and Gelena Velikanova.
She graduated from the Academy in 1990 and two years later the young singer released her first album in English – The Taiga Symphony. At the same time she recorded an album of traditional Russian romances “Stay with me”.
The girl participated in numerous competitions. In 1992, the singer won the TV contest “Morning Star”. And in the same year she became the first in the international competition “Bratislavskaya Lira” and got an Audience Choice Award at “Yurmala-92” festival. By the end of next year Alla was awarded the title “Person of the Year”.
In 1993, Perfilova began to work on her next album. Her second husband, producer and songwriter Alexander Shulgin helped her.

young valeriya
In early 2002, the singer left the show business because of Shulgin.
Then Valeria signed a contract with a new producer, Joseph Prigogine, who became her third husband.
In 2003, she presented her new album “Country of Love” and was awarded MTV Russia Music Award and Muz TV Award.
In 2005, Valeria was awarded the title Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the singer appeared in the list of the Top 50 highest-paid people of cinema, music, literature and sport in Russia, where she took the ninth place.
A year later her autobiography “Life, Tears and Love” was published.
In 2008, the singer released the album “Out of Control”. David Richards, Ray St John, George De Angelis, Francesca Aeschlimann helped to create it.
In 2008, Valeria became a Goodwill Ambassador for International Organization for Migration, UN. Her photo appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine.
At the beginning of 2009, Robin Gibb invited Valeriya to take part in a charity concert with Level 42, Melanie C, Atomic Kitten, Bill Wyman.
In 2009 Valeriya toured with Simply Red in Britain.
Valeriya has her own jewelry and perfume lines – “De Leri”.
The singer worked as a teacher at the Gnessin Music School.

Valeria in her childhood

Valeria in her childhood

russian singer valeriya
Personal life
Saxophonist and jazz pianist Leonid Yaroshevskii was her first husband.
Valeriya Leonid Yaroshevskii

Valeriya and Leonid Yaroshevskii

Alexander Shulgin became Valeriya’s second husband, but their marriage fell apart in 2002. They have three children -Anna, Artem and Arseny.
Valeriya Alexander Shulgin

Valeriya and Alexander Shulgin

Now her husband is producer Joseph Prigogine.
Valeriya Joseph Prigogine

Valeriya and Joseph Prigogine

Valeriya family

Valeriya, Joseph and her children

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