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Pugacheva and Galkin’s Coat of Arms

In December 26, 2011 Soviet and Russian singer Alla Pugacheva (born 1949) and Russian comedian Maxim Galkin (born 1976) got married proving their commitment to each other despite the significant age gap.
Star couple now has their own family coat of arms for their elegant castle in the suburban village Gryaz.
This work costs half a million rubles, but artist Vladislav Koval did not take a penny. According to the artist, for him it is an art, not a business.
On Coat of arms you can see an owl (as symbol of Pugacheva) and a jackdaw (as a symbol of Galkin) as well as 2 helmets, turned to each other, and inscription in Latin «MAXIMIALLA».

This coat of arms was ordered by the famous Russian artist Nikas Safronov special for Alla and Maxim.

Vladislav Koval and Nikas Safronov

Maxim and Alla’s castle

They are happy together