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Polina Gagarina – singer, songwriter

Polina Gagarina
Polina Gagarina is a Russian singer, songwriter and composer, actress, winner of Star Factory-2 (2003), winner of the musical contest New Wave (2005) and a television festival Song of the Year. Polina participated in Eurovision-2015 and took the 2nd place.
Polina was born on March 27, 1987 in Moscow in a family of professional choreographers. The girl completed her first year at school in Greece, then she studied in the Saratov school. Her mother was a dancer and signed a contract with the theater Alsos in Athens, when the girl was 4 years old. Polina and her mother lived in Greece for three years. In 1993, Polina’s father died of a heart attack and they immediately returned to Russia. But after a while mother and daughter again went to Athens, where Polina went to school. However, her grandmother wanted the girl to be educated in a Russian school. As a result, her mother stayed in Greece and Polina went to her grandmother, who lived in Saratov. Polina entered a music school. After some time her mother returned from Greece and the family moved to Moscow.

gagarina polina russian singer
14-year-old girl entered the State College of Music pop-jazz art.
16-year-old Gagarina took part in the TV project Star Factory 2 and won it. However, the girl refused to sign the contract and record an album.
In 2005, Gagarina released music video for the song Lullaby. In the same year her debut album Ask the clouds was recorded.
Polina Gagarina and Irina Dubtsova won Muz-TV 2010 award – Best Duet for the song Who? Why?.
In 2006, Gagarina entered the Moscow Art Theatre School, where she met her future husband Peter Kislov. Their marriage took place in 2007 and two months later, on October 14, Polina gave birth to their son Andrei. In 2009, the couple officially divorced. Polina became Peter’s second wife. Kislov’s first wife was Anastasia Makeeva, who lived with the actor for only seven months.
In spring 2010, Polina presented her second solo album, titled About Me.
In 2011, the singer participated in the television project The Phantom of the Opera on the First Channel.

polina gagarina kislov

Polina Gagarina, Peter Kislov and their son

On September 9, 2014 Polina married photographer Dmitry Iskhakov.

gagarina iskhakov

Photographer Dmitry Iskhakov and singer Polina Gagarina

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gagarina polina Russian singer

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