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Peter Nalitch – Russian singer

Peter Nalitch

Peter Nalitch – Russian singer

Peter Nalitch is a Russian singer and composer who represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. In the final on May 29, he came 11th with his song “Lost and Forgotten”.
Peter was born on April 30, 1981 in Moscow, Russia. His parents are architects. His grandfather Zahid Nali?, was a Bosnian opera singer from Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Peter studied at Myaskovsky music school. At school, he organized a rock band. The boys played hard rock and Peter was a vocalist.
Nalitch graduated from the Moscow University of Architecture and studied music at Orfei Studio directed by Irina Mukhina and at the State musical college of The Moscow Conservatory.
At the University of Architecture Peter joined the theater club, where he became interested in staging musical performances.

For two years he worked as an architect.
Nalitch became famous thanks to his song “Gitar”, where he makes fun of himself with broken English lyrics and dubious film editing qualities. The song “Gitar” is most popular in Greece, Germany and Slovakia.
Peter’s bad English “Gitar, gitar, gitar, gitar, come to my buduar”, gives the song similarity with gypsy romance, and Latin American classics like Tonio Karotone or Juanes. In the music video he looks like Gypsy Baron and Jewish punk.
This song was recognized as the best song in Runet.
nalitch peter russian singer
Peter gave his first concert, on November 9, 2007, in Moscow club. Then he gathered a band of musicians, with whom he gave two more concerts during the winter of 2008. His band was named Peter Nalitch’s Musical Collective or simply MKPN. They released their first album “Joy of Simple Melodies” in 2008.
In 2008, the band became the official musical support of Russian football team at the European Championships and the Olympic team in Beijing.
In 2009, MKPN became the headliner at the festival “Sfinks” in Antwerp.
Peter sings in Russian, English, Italian, French and Baburi, an invented language.
The lyrics of his songs are often humorous and can sometimes be compared to child songs. For example “Yeti” is a song about a lonely yeti.
Since 2011, Peter participates in theater productions, singing operatic roles in “La Boheme” by G. Puccini and “Eugene Onegin” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.
In 2012 the third studio album “Golden Fish” was released. Their fourth album “Songs of Love and homeland” was recorded in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra of New Russia. Presentation of the album took place on May 17, 2013 in the Moscow International Music House.

Peter Nalitch Musical Collective

Peter Nalitch’s Musical Collective. Photo:

Personal life
Peter doesn’t like to tell about his personal life. Just before the “Eurovision -2010” Nalitch confessed that he was married for the second time. His first wife was a former classmate at the University of Architecture, but the marriage was short-lived and soon they divorced. He has a son from his first marriage.
After a while he married Natalia Shtyrhunova, his first wife’s best friend. In 2009 their daughter Varvara was born.

Peter Nalitch wife

Peter and his wife with a child

nalitch peter russian singer

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