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Ornella Muti – Italian actress with Russian roots

ornella muti

Ornella Muti – beautiful actress

Ornella Muti is a legend of the world cinema, talented actress, outstanding personality and just a very beautiful woman.
The beautiful Italian actress was born on March 9, 1955. Her real name is Francesca Romana Rivelli. Her maternal grandparents were Russian nobles and had to leave Russia in 1917, they immigrated from Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg, Russia) to Estonia. She has an older sister, Claudia (born 1951). Her father died when the girl was 10 years old.
At the age of 13 Ornella worked as a model for the Italian magazine – Fotoromanzi. At the same time she began working as an artist’s model and posed nude for erotic magazines.
The girl never dreamed of becoming an actress. Her sister Claudia persuaded Ornella to go with her to a casting for a new film. And the girl received the role in the film The Most Beautiful Wife, which became her debut one.
She has primarily worked in Italian films, but she made her British film debut as Princess Aura in Flash Gordon in 1980. American movies she appeared in include Oscar (1991) and Once Upon a Crime (1992).
Muti was voted The Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 1994 by a worldwide poll of readers of the magazine Class.

muti stallone

Ornella and Sylvester Stallone

Some interesting facts about the actress
– Ornella Muti does not like her scenic pseudonym.
– Her Italian nickname is Donna Bambino.
– Ornella has her own jewelry brand. She opened new shops in Paris, Milan, Rome, Riga, Moscow and Almaty.
– Ornella’s blue dress, in which she appeared in the film The Taming of the Shrew was auctioned for 15,000 dollars, and a white dress with an open back from the movie Lovestruck for 18,000.
– Muti was convicted of tax evasion.
– The actress does not drink alcohol. In her youth, Ornella smoked a lot. But now she leads a healthy lifestyle. She is a vegetarian.
– Muti produces her own wine – Abbey.
– The actress speaks German, Italian, French, Spanish and English.
– According to Ornella, it was she who first appeared in an Italian movie on the big screen completely nude and never used the services of understudy.
ornella muti children

Ornella and her children

Personal life
At the age of 19 the actress gave birth to a daughter named Naike. Ornella named her eldest daughter after one of the heroes of the book about Apache Indians she read shortly before childbirth. The child’s father is unknown. However, there are rumors that he is an Italian producer Jose Luis Bermudez de Kastro. Now Naike Rivelli is an actress and singer. She performed under the name Naiked.
Ornella’s first husband Italian actor Alessio Orano was 10 years older. They met when Ornella was only 14 years old. Ornella and Alessio considered to be the most beautiful couple in Italy. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, only 6 years.
On the set of the film The Taming of the Shrew Ornella had a love affair with famous actor Adriano Celentano.
muti celentano

Ornella and Adriano Celentano

Her second husband was Federico Facchinetti. In this marriage the actress gave birth to daughter Carolina and son Andrea.
muti Facchinetti

Ornella and Federico Facchinetti

From 1998 to 2008 Ornella lived in informal marriage with the famous Italian plastic surgeon Stefano Piccolo. Unfortunately, the man didn’t want to share his woman with her kids. And the actress chose the children.
muti Piccolo

Ornella and Stefano Piccolo

Her current husband is Fabrice Kerherve – genius of network marketing.
muti Kerherve

Ornella and Fabrice Kerherv?

muti delon

Ornella and Alain Delon

Ornella Muti and Alina Kabaeva look like twin sisters)))
muti kabaeva

Ornella Muti and Alina Kabaeva