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Nikas Safronov – Russian Salvador Dali

Nikas Safronov - Russian Salvador Dali

Nikas Safronov – Russian Salvador Dali

“My only woman is my work. I’m married to my art.”
Nikas Safronov is the wildly famous and scandalous Russian artist, the Russian Salvador Dali, the Russian Casanova, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. His portraits include Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, Mikhail Gorbachev, Sofia Loren, Elton John, Mike Tyson, Robert De Niro, Tina Turner and many others. His works can be found in many prestigious museums and private collections – more than 800 are outside Russia.
Nikas was born on April 8, 1956 in Ulyanovsk. His parents met on Sakhalin. His mother Anna and her family were sent into exile at the time of Stalin’s repressions while Safronov’s father was an army officer. From Sakhalin the young family moved to Ulyanovsk, where Nikas was born. The boy grew up in a low-income family with six children.
Safronov studied art at the Rostov Art College named after M.B. Grekov.

In 1984 he participated in an international exhibition of erotic paintings in Tokyo. Similar exhibitions in Italy, France and Canada followed. In 1990, with thirteen other artists, the paintings of Nikas Safronov were included in a book published in France entitled Erotic Imagination.
Nowadays, most of his works belong to private and museum collections in Russia and Europe. Among the present owners are such personalities as Sofia Loren, Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Diana Ross, Pierre Cardin, Gerard Depardieu and Montserrat Kaballe.
Safronov is internationally recognized. Since 2006 he is a member of the International Royal Academy of Culture, Education and Arts of the United Nations. He was awarded a Gold Medal by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the International Order of St. Constantine the Great, the Order of St. Stanislaus and the Order of St. Anne II degree. He even has a star in the constellation of Andromeda named after him. The Cambridge International Biography Center awarded him the honorable title of Living Legend.
Safronov says he paints with his heart and spends a considerable part of his profits on charity.
Safronov built the church of St. Anne in Ulyanovsk and the chapel of St. Anne in the village Vyshki in honor of his mother, Anna Feodorovna.
Safronov lives and works in Moscow, Italy, England.

Personal life
He nearly married the girl of his dreams… she was from Latvia. But soon Nikas learned the girl had died in a car crash.
His first wife was top model Dragana, she studied at the Sorbonne, Faculty of Philology and knew the Russian language almost perfectly. They married in 1984 and were together for 20 days.
Francesca Vendramin became his second wife. She was 11 years younger than the artist. They met each other in 1990 and divorced after thirteen years of marriage.
His son Stefano Safronov was born in 1992. He lives with his mother in London.
His third wife is Maria (informal marriage). The girl is 24 years younger than Nikas.
Safronov also has Illegitimate children: son Dmitry (born in 1985) lives in Lithuania; Luka Zatravkin (born 1990) pianist; Landin (born in 1999) lives in Australia.

Nikas Safronov – Russian Salvador Dali

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