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Nelly Ermolaeva – beautiful girl – Dom 2

Nelly Ermolaeva
Nelly Ermolaeva was a participant of the popular TV project Dom 2 (House 2) on TNT. She was one of the most beautiful participants of the project.
Nelly had been staying in Dom 2 for 822 days and really found her love there. Nelly left the project with a husband, Nikita Kuznetsov, whom she met on the show. Now Nelly is a singer, business woman and model. The girl opened her own nail salon.
Nelly was born on May 13, 1986 in Novokuibyshevsk, Samara Region.
She graduated from the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts.
According to the girl, she worked as an art director in the restaurant and as a model before the project.
Nelly came to Dom 2 to meet Rustam Kalganov – Solntsev. It was in the summer of 2009. But Rustam preferred Victoria Abashina to Nelly.

Rustam Kalganov – Solntsev

Rustam Kalganov – Solntsev

On the project Ermolaeva was in a relationship with Leo Ankov, they had very passionate but brief affair.
Leo Ankov

Leo Ankov

Then Nelly was interested in dark wizard Vlad Kadoni. Vlad gave Ermolaeva gifts, flowers and even made her marriage proposal. But the girl refused. She had made her choice. She met Nikita Kuznetsov, known womanizer of the TV project. The two fell in love with each other.
Vlad Kadoni

Vlad Kadoni

On February 23, Nelly presented Nikita with a ring as a sign she wouldn’t mind to marry him.
In 2010, during the contest “Man of the Year” Nikita made her a marriage proposal.
The wedding ceremony took place on February 14, 2011 (St. Valentine’s Day) in Verona, Italy – the most romantic corner of the world. The city was chosen not by chance. Beautiful love story of Romeo and Juliet took place there. Their wedding was like a fairy tale.
Later the couple left the project and soon they divorced.
Nelly Ermolaeva wedding

Ermolaeva and Nikita Kuznetsov

On the project Nelly was a soloist of the group Istra Witches and performed in a duet with another participant Natalia Varvina. Nelly also recorded some solo songs (“Bride,” “Situation,” “Star”).
After leaving the project Nelly decided to continue singing. In autumn 2011 she recorded her new song “Dust”. Video of the song had been watched on YouTube by more than 130 thousand people for two days.
Natalia Varvina and Ermolaeva

Natalia Varvina and Ermolaeva

Now Nelly is going to marry Kirill Andreev. There is a little information about the man. It’s know that he has a wealthy father, who paid for his son’s music video.
Kirill Andreev and Nelly travel a lot together.
ermolaeva kiril andreev

Ermolaeva and Kiril Andreev

ermolaeva nelli Dom 2

nelli ermolaeva beautiful girl

nelly ermolaeva selfy