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Nataliya Nikolaevna Pushkina

Nataliya Nikolaevna Pushkina

Nataliya Nikolaevna Pushkina

She is well known as a wife of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Seven years after his death Natalia married General Pyotr Petrovich Lanskoy.
Nataliya Nikolaevna Pushkina (nee Goncharova, Lanskaya in her second marriage) was born on September 8, 1812 in Tambov Province, where her family lived during the occupation of Moscow by the forces of Napoleon. Natalia was the fifth child of seven children; the youngest sister Sophia was born and died in 1818. Natalia got a good education at home. She studied Russian and world history, geography, Russian language and literature, French, German and English.
Pushkin met Natalia Goncharova in Moscow in December 1828 at a ball. 16-year-old girl was one of the most talked-about beauties of Moscow. Pushkin was 13 years older than Natalia.

After many hesitations, Natalya eventually accepted Pushkin’s proposal in April 1830, she was the wife of the Russian poet from 1831 until his death in 1837. On May 19, 1832 Natalia gave birth to her first child – daughter, Mary, and on July 6, 1833 her son Alexander was born. Two years later on May 14, 1835 their second son Grigory was born. The youngest daughter Natalia was born on May 23, 1836.
Seventy eight letters of Pushkin to his wife are extant, frequently written in a light-hearted tone with touches of ribaldry, yet there are none of what may be called love letters among these. It is believed that the poet dedicated several poems to her, including Madonna (1830).
“Go to the village, wear mourning for two years, then marry a good man”, a poet said to his wife before he died.
In 1844 Natalia’s brother Sergey introduced her to his colleague Pyotr Lanskoy.
On July 16, 1844, seven years after the death of Alexander Pushkin, his widow Natalia married General Lanskoy. They were together for 19 years until her death in 1863. Natalia gave birth to three daughters.
Natalia Pushkina died on December 8, 1863 in St Petersburg.
Pyotr Lanskoy died 14 years later on May 6, 1877 and was buried in the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, in the same grave as his wife.


pushkina lanskoy

Natalia and Pyotr Lanskoy

goncharova portrait

I.K. Makarov, Portrait of Natalia Goncharova. 1840

pushkina natalia

Natalia Pushkina

brullov pushkina

Natalia Pushkina, portrait by Alexander Brullov, 1831

pushkina natalia nikolaevna

Natalia and Alexander – graffiti in Kharkov, 2008

pushkin monument

Monument to the Pushkins in Moscow