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Masha Rasputina

Masha Rasputina
Masha Rasputina (birth name – Alla Ageeva) is a Russian pop singer, who released eight studio albums and cooperated with the famous composers Alexander Lukyanov, Maxim Dunayevsky, Arkady Ukupnik and songwriter Leonid Derbenev.
She was born on May 13, 1964 in Kemerovo region, Russia.
After graduating from music school in 1988 the girl moved to Moscow, where she met musicians and recorded her first song, “Play, musician”. In 1989 the song became a hit and received the Grand Prix at the Festival of pop and rock music, “Pyongyang 89”.
Alla Ageeva took the pseudonym “Masha Rasputina”, explaining that Masha is the traditional Russian name and surname Rasputina makes it from one side more erotic, to the other – links to the owner of one of the founders of the Russian mystic – Grigory Rasputin.

In 1989 Masha performed the final “Me and You” song for the film “The Witches Cave”.
In 1990 the singer won the rock festival.
In 1991, Rasputina released her debut album “Urban crazy”, her second album titled “I was born in Siberia”, in 1994 was released Masha’s third album “Blue Monday”.
In 1994, Rasputina posed for the Penthouse magazine.
In 2000 after the video for the song “The dress of roses,” one of the American editions named Rasputina – Russia’s sexiest female singer of the last decade.
In 2001, after the release of the disc, “Live the Country!” Masha left the stage.
But in 2003 she sang a duet with Filipp Kirkorov – the song “Tea Rose”, which provided the status of the Russian superstar.

rasputina kirkorov

Rasputina and Filipp Kirkorov

In 2007, she took part in the TV show “Two Stars” paired with famous TV presenter Andrey Malakhov.

rasputina malakhov

Rasputina and Andrey Malakhov

Personal life
Her first husband was Vladimir Ermakov. They have a daughter Lidia.

rasputina ermakov

Rasputina and Vladimir Ermakov

In 1999, Rasputina married businessman and producer Viktor Zakharov and in 2000 she gave birth to a daughter Masha.

zakharov rasputina

Zakharov, Rasputina and their daughter

Rasputina’s eldest daughter Lida from her first marriage with Ermakov spent a lot of time in a psychiatric hospital (more than 10 years). And after her release from the hospital Zakharov bought a studio apartment for Lida. She even sang under the Angela Ermakova for some time, had a boyfriend and was going to get married… But the groom left her, mother sold her apartment. The girl herself asked to take her back to the hospital…

rasputina daughter

Rasputina and her daughter Lidia

Masha Rasputina Russian singer

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