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Mark Bogatyrev – Russian actor

Mark Bogatyrev

Mark Bogatyrev – Russian actor

Mark Bogatyrev, Russian film and theater actor, was born on December 22, 1984 in Moscow. He is most famous for the role of young and ambitious chef Maxim Lavrov, who came to conquer Moscow, in the television series “Kitchen”. By the way, “Kitchen” is one of the most expensive Russian sitcoms.
Mark lived and studied in the city of Obninsk, Kaluga region. The life of the young actor is a story of a big dreamer.
The boy didn’t know his father. His mother, creative person, had no time for the boy’s upbringing. Mark was raised by grandmother. In his childhood the future actor dreamed of becoming a clown, or a trucker. In the difficult 90s, his mother, the artist, was traveling in search of inspiration. It was difficult for grandmother to feed the boy alone. And at the age of 14 Mark had to work. He was a security guard, driver, builder and even an administrator in a computer club.

After school Bogatyrev entered Technical University of Nuclear Energy. In the same time he played in the theater “D.E.M.I.” and wanted to become a professional actor. Every weekend the boy went to Moscow to watch various performances. Being a third year student Mark was chosen as the main character of the film “Insatiable”. The film was released in 2006, and Mark had already made an important decision – to enter a theater school. He entered the Moscow Art Theatre School and graduated from it in 2010.
The actor is interested in sports, theater and reading.
According to the press, in 2013 the young actor, star of the TV series “Kitchen” attempted suicide by opening his veins. However, doctors managed to save him. The reason for such a radical step is unknown.
Mark Bogatyrev russian actor
Personal life
Mark and actress Elena Podkaminskaya are together. They met on the set of the “Kitchen” and began dating almost from the first day of shooting. However, the couple hid their relationship, because Elena was married. The actress is six years older than Mark and has a daughter from her first marriage.

bogatyrev podkaminskaya

Mark and Elena Podkaminskaya

bogatyrev podkaminskaya

Mark and Elena Podkaminskaya in the TV series Kitchen

Selected filmography
2009 – Lyubov.RU
2010 – Romeo and Juliet 21
2012 – Daddies
2012 – Away from the war
2014 – Champions
2014 – Catherine the Great (in production)
2014 – In Love with a witch (in production)
2014 – Kitchen in Paris
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bogatyrev mark russian actor

mark bogatyrev kitchen

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