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Marina Zudina, actress

Marina Zudina
Marina Zudina is a Russian and Soviet theater and cinema actress, Honored Artist of Russia (1995), and People’s Artist of Russia (2006).
Marina was born on September 3, 1965 in Moscow, in the family of music teacher and journalist. At the age of 9 the girl was involved in opera, and even dreamed of becoming an opera singer. A year later, she was fascinated by ballet and even tried her hand at Ballet School.
Then she began to think about her career as an actress. And Marina wanted only Tabakov to teach her.
So the girl entered GITIS. While still a student Zudina had played in several films. One of her first film roles, which made her famous, was in the film “Valentin and Valentina” directed by Georgy Natanson. At the same time Marina played in “More love, more hope…”, “Once in a blue moon”.

After graduation from GITIS in 1986, the actress joined Oleg Tabakov’s theater-studio.
In the late 80s – early 90s Zudina Marina, a native Muscovite, often had to play the role of the girls who came to conquer Moscow. So it was in the drama “Life on the limit” by Alexey Rudakov, Andrei Razumovsky’s comedy “Mordashka”, or Boris Grigoriev’s detective “Confession of a kept woman”.
Zudina played in the British film “Silent Witness” and was offered to go to America. But Marina refused.

Personal life
Her love affair with Tabakov began in the mid 80s. Oleg Pavlovich was still married Lyudmila Krylova. Therefore, he had to hide the relationship with the young actress, who was thirty years younger. The secret affair lasted for more than 10 years. As a result, Oleg Pavlovich left the family and married Zudina.
Tabakov and Zudina have two children. In 1995 their son Pavel was born and 11 years later Marina gave birth to a daughter Maria.
Tabakov’s eldest son Anton could not forgive his father for leaving the family.

Marina Zudina tabakov

Marina and her husband Oleg Tabakov

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Marina, Oleg Tabakov and their children

Zudina - beautiful and talented actress

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