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Marina Orlova, actress

Marina Orlova actress

Marina Orlova – beautiful actress

Marina Orlova is a Russian theater and film actress, singer, composer and poet, TV and radio presenter.
She was born on March 25, 1986 in Pyatigorsk, Russia. Her mother worked as French and German teacher, her father is a musician (accordion). In childhood she was very fond of music. The girl could repeat any tune. In the early years, Marina had a unique low voice. At the age of three Marina wrote her first song Lullaby. 20 years later the song sounded in the famous television series Native People. Marina’s heroine – Olga Kuznetsova sang it to her son Sergei.
9-year-old Marina entered music school and the next day she represented the school at the music competition Rising Star and became a winner. After her victory, the young singer was invited to all city competitions and concerts.

One of the most elite and prestigious clubs in Pyatigorsk Golden Palace invited 9-year-old Marina to work as a singer. Every day after school dad drove her to perform in the evening concerts. And on weekends, Marina worked at children’s parties. Earned money the girl wanted to spend on a stereo system. And at the age of 10 she realized her dream.
After graduating from music school, she entered the vocal jazz school. By that time the girl had many own songs so she could record a solo album. Marina dreamed about it. And worked as a singer at weddings and birthdays to earn money.
orlova marina beautiful blonde

Marina – beautiful blonde

Her first acting experience was in KVN team (comic show). Semyon Slepakov, who wrote the scripts, became her mentor and first teacher. In 2001, Marina received the Miss KVN award as the most artistic girl. And Orlova decided to be an actress. She sang at parties, anniversaries, worked as a presenter on Russian Radio. One day Marina bought a train ticket to Moscow and ran away from home to fulfill her dream.
In 2002, she entered the Moscow Art Theater School. In 2003 she transferred to the Shchukin Theatre Institute. In 2006, Marina received theater award Your Chance for the best performance of the year.
In 2007, Orlova began her career as a film actress. Her first major role she played in the film Okhlamonov. But the actress became famous after her role in the TV series Native People.
Marina was invited to play in China and France, where she again played a title role.
The actress has starred in more than thirty five films and has written more than 80 songs.
In late 2012 Marina was invited to play in Hollywood films. In recent years beautiful actress has starred in White crows (2014), The tree house (2014, as Marilyn Monroe), Not so young (2014), American Horror Story (2013) and Weekend (2013).
orlova marina russian actress

Marina – Russian actress

orlova marina hollywood actress

Marina – charming girl

In childhood Marina’s idol was Natalia Oreiro and her favorite actor was Leonardo DiCaprio.

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