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Marina Anisina, ice dancer

Marina Anisina
Marina Anisina is a talented figure skater, well known in Russia and France. With partner Gwendal Peizerat, she became the 2000 World Champion and 2002 Olympic Champion.
She was born on August 30, 1975 in Moscow into a family of known figure skater Irina Chernyaeva and hockey player Vyacheslav Anisin. Anisina began skating at the age of four.
Marina was paired with Ilya Averbukh at the beginning of her career. They won gold medals at the World Figure Skating Championships in 1990 and 1992 representing the Soviet Union. Their partnership ended in 1992 because Averbukh decided to skate with Irina Lobacheva with whom he had fallen in love. Then Anisina skated with Sergei Sakhnovski. But Sakhnovsky moved to Israel, where he became Galit Chait’s partner, and Anisina had to train alone for a while, because there wasn’t right partner in Russia. Her coach advised to search for a partner abroad and Marina found him in France. In 1993 she went to France, where Marina lived in the family of her new partner Gwendal Peizerat in Lyon. Peizerat refused to move to Moscow and compete for Russia, so Anisina had to stay in France. Their coach Muriel Boucher-Zazoui immediately felt it was a great partnership, saying “They are like fire and ice”.
Anisina received French citizenship in 1994. In the same year Anisina – Peizerat won their first gold medal in Grand Prix of Figure Skating. They were the first at NHK Trophy and won the Championship of France. It is worth noting that Anisiana became the best skater of the Fifth Republic six times in a row. In 2002 they became the first French ice dancers to win the Olympic gold medal.

Marina Anisina Russian figure skater

Anisina – Peizerat

After winning the Olympic Games and the European Championships Anisina – Peizerat completed their competitive skating career. But they took part in various shows around the world.
In 2007 Anisina was invited to take part in TV project “Dancing on Ice. Velvet Season”. Her partner became notorious Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda.
On February 23, 2008, Anissina married Dzhigurda in Moscow. They have two children – a son, Mick-Angel Christ (born on January 7, 2009) and a daughter, Eva Vlada (born on January 23, 2010).
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Marina Anisina, ice dancer